The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

The Society is the organisation that underpins the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The founding principle at the heart of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - to be an open-access arts event that accommodates anyone with a story to tell and a venue willing to host them - still regulates the work of the Society today. It is our policy that no single individual or committee determines who can or cannot perform at the Fringe.

Constituted in 1958 to formalise the presence of more and more performers who came to Edinburgh despite not being included in the programme of the Edinburgh International Festival, upon its creation the Society took on the role of providing information to artists, publishing the Fringe programme and creating a central box office. In 1969 the Society was incorporated as a limited company and its constitution published.

Unlike many other festivals our constitution celebrates the fact that the Society shall do no vetting of the Fringe programme. That means we have no artistic director and that the programme is shaped by the very initiative and vision of performers willing to showcase their work here.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has a Board of Directors who oversee our core Fringe Society staff in their year-round work, and who make sure everything is in place to support those who produce and present the world’s biggest explosion of culture every August.

Membership of the Fringe Society is open to anyone. If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit our Membership page.


Nominations have now closed for the forthcoming elections to the Board of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society and the Participants’ Council.

The Board of Directors (Candidates)

The candidates standing for election to the Board of Directors are:

Show Participant Category

Candidate name Proposed by Seconded by
Tamsin Fitzgerald James Mackenzie Sam Gough
Harry Gooch Margaret McKay Frank Galbraith

Venue Category

Candidate name Proposed by Seconded by
Sam Gough Anthony Alderson Richard Lloyd
JD Henshaw Annie Marrs Heather Crosby
Luke Meredith James Farr Kate Smurthwaite

Open Category

Candidate name Proposed by Seconded by
Brian Cleary Lorna Brain Kate Lindey
Thomas G Goodwin Mary Cheryl Matheis Joe Meyer
Alister O’Loughlin Charlie Wood Sally Lloyd
Matt Panesh Dominic Berry Louise Fazackerly
Bridget Stevens Susan Morrison Lauren Bassam
Barrie (Baz) Taylor Steve Shaw Karen Buck

The Participants' Council

At the close of nominations, three candidates had been nominated for the vacant positions on the Participants’ Council. Therefore, the following are elected unopposed:

Name Category
Darren Neale Venue
Fiona McCurdy Producer
Stephanie Brotchie Producer

Have your say

Members who have joined the Fringe Society by 12:00 on Monday 10 August 2015 will be eligible to vote in the coming elections. We encourage you to join us in promoting membership of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society.


The AGM will be held on Tuesday 25 August at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh at 12:30. All are welcome.

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