The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society reaches out in support of Ukraine, its people, its artistic community and our wider network of Ukrainian Fringe participants, audiences and industry members.

We hear and support our Ukrainian associates and friends in this devastating time. As a united international network of artists, audiences and industry members, the Fringe Society speaks against conflict and violence, and works to foster dialogue, understanding and peace.  

We are here to support the Ukrainian artistic community in the most relevant and meaningful way that we can. We encourage all of our partners and friends to take note of the advice given by expert organisations on how you can donate to the cause, stay informed and contribute to emergency support measures. Whether you are looking to give or receive help, please consult the resources and links below for more information on organisations that are both taking donations and delivering support. 

Give and receive help

Artists at Risk
Housing, refugees, residencies
A non-profit network institution dedicated to mapping the field of persecuted art practitioners, facilitating their safe passage from their countries of origin and hosting them at AR Residencies. You can also contribute by sharing information about temporary housing or grant resources through the different available forms by consulting and sharing the Artists at Risk resources page.

ART-IN-RES: Residences for refugees
Refugees, residencies
An online platform that facilitates information about artist residencies in performing arts, specifically focused on offerings for refugees.

Artists Support Ukraine (ASU)
Grants, news, reporting
Disseminating information about the war and its consequences, as well as supporting the Ukrainian creative sector (including artists and cultural workers in need).

Families, grants, medicine, supplies, women
A crisis response organisation in Ukraine supporting 4 million people with aid and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance — and prioritising the needs of women, girls, families and the elderly.

Equity's International Committee for Artists’ Freedom (ICAF)
Housing, immigration support, Russian dissidence, supplies
A fund established by Equity with the goal of supporting artists in or fleeing Ukraine who require food, shelter, immigration advice and more. It also aims to help those artists in Russia who face persecution for speaking out against the actions of Putin and the Russian government. 

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Medicine, supplies
An independent worldwide organisation which has set up a dedicated fund for Ukraine.

Kyiv Independent
News, reporting
An English-speaking media outlet and website reporting on the realities of the war from a Ukrainian perspective that relies on reader donations.

Low Air (Lithuania)
Career development, families, housing, residencies, transport
A residency that aims to provide a safe artistic environment, consultations and support for Ukrainian dance artists, cultural managers and producers. The organisers will provide private transport from the Polish or Lithuanian borders and accommodation for up to four people (including an artist with a partner or family) free of charge for at least three months. Space and dance studios, consultations and help on further career development are also available.

Nida Art Colony (Lithuania)
Education, families, residencies, transport
A space to host Ukrainian art institutional teams, artists and cultural professionals along with their families. It also offers full study courses for students to continue with their academic work, and help with transportation and logistics. Contact the organisers via email: [email protected].

Nova Ukraine
Families, medicine, refugees
A US-registered foundation offering help for ordinary people and families with children. Operating since 2013. 

Polish Humanitarian Action
Medicine, supplies
A Polish humanitarian organisation active in Ukraine providing medical assistance, food baskets, hygiene kits, blankets, sleeping bags and other necessities.

Shelter4Ukraine form
A way to connect people who need help due to war in Ukraine with those who are ready to provide it.

Support Ukraine Now
Grants, housing, reporting, supplies, transport
Direct ways to learn more about and contribute to lots of different efforts supporting Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian Emergency Performing Arts Fund
Grants, supplies
A support fund established by Viktor Ruban (choreographer, performer, researcher, co-founder of CO ICF Impulse Transformation Platform) to provide essential resources, food and funds directly to Ukrainian artists remaining in the country.

Ukrainian Women’s Institute
Families, medicine, supplies, women
A Ukrainian organisation that supports women and girls who face humanitarian challenges caused by full-scale hostilities, as well as directly supporting activists who are at the forefront of the volunteer movement.

Medicine, refugees, supplies, transport
The UN refugee agency, providing on-the-ground support to families fleeing the war in the form of emergency supplies, lifesaving care and additional protection.

VV Foundation (Latvia)
Residencies, supplies
A foundation supporting artists and other members of the creative community of Ukraine by offering placements on the PAiR residency in Pāvilosta, Latvia.