1. The Open Fringe

Remove barriers to entry to ensure that everyone is welcome at the Fringe and anyone can take part.

The Fringe is the world’s greatest festival. We believe that anyone with a story to tell should find a home on the Fringe, regardless of their gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or background. We will work alongside partners to remove barriers and ensure the Fringe is open and accessible to everyone.

We will

Reach those in Edinburgh that have never experienced the Fringe before by doubling the value of our Fringe Days Out scheme to £100,000 a year, working with 26 local charities to connect communities and open doors to the performing arts.

Draw together an expert panel of diverse advisors to support artists from black, minority ethnic, working class, disabled and LGBTQ+ backgrounds.

Identify, support and develop the next generation of talented disabled, black and minority ethnic producers through our Emerging Producers’ Development Programme.

Increase the number of Fringe performances and events that are relaxed, BSL interpreted, captioned and audio described, and work with venues to make them more accessible to disabled artists and audiences.

Identify geographical locations that have not typically engaged with the Fringe, and work with local stakeholders to encourage participation from across Scotland, the UK and overseas.

You can help

In order to make the Fringe accessible for all, we need to tackle the root causes of inequality in access to the arts. Could you or someone you know join our panel of expert advisors? Could your charity work with us to reach underrepresented groups? Or could your company help sponsor our Fringe Days Out ticket scheme? If you share our commitment to the Open Fringe, we’d love to hear from you.


2. The World's Fringe

Develop the Fringe’s international reputation as the place to discover talent.

The Fringe is a global meeting place for creative talent, with artists travelling from over 50 countries to take part each year. We aim to build upon Edinburgh’s reputation as the world’s premiere arts industry platform, where creatives come to exchange ideas and develop co-productions, media come to review and critique, and global arts industry come to discover, co-commission and select work.

We will

Ensure that artists can attend the Fringe wherever they are in the world by securing the permit-free status of the festival following the UK’s exit from the EU.

Identify tour-ready work being showcased on the Fringe to enable buyers in the city to find it easily, and develop digital tools to connect Fringe participants with commissioners and buyers across the globe.

Work with media industry partners to explore alternative models of critical review, ensuring that artists get the recognition and audience they deserve.

Provide a distinct platform for Scottish music, dance and theatre on the Fringe through our Made in Scotland programme, helping the best of Scottish work be seen and selected for touring domestically and internationally.

Collaborate with partners in Scotland, the UK and overseas to build stronger connections and networks for co-production, co-commissioning and touring.

You can help

It has taken 70 years to establish the Fringe as one of the world’s leading performing arts markets. In uncertain political and economic times, it’s more important than ever that we support the people that make the Fringe happen each year, from political advocacy to media coverage, partnership working to funding for artists touring to and from the Fringe.

3. The affordable Fringe

Tackle the rising cost of attendance at the Fringe to ensure the festival is affordable for all.

Edinburgh during the Fringe is unlike anywhere else on earth, and we want to ensure this experience is affordable for participants, audience members and stakeholders. We are committed to reducing the long-term cost of performing at and visiting the Fringe; however, we cannot achieve this alone. We will need the support of government, councillors, local businesses, universities and accommodation providers to ensure the Fringe remains at the heart of Edinburgh’s cultural landscape.