More than 400 shows already online – book now

Our official Fringe Programme launch is in June, but there are more than 400 shows already online. Book now!

Get ahead of the pack and start thinking about your plans

With more than 3,500 shows to choose from, we know the Fringe Programme can feel a bit daunting. We haven’t launched the full programme yet – that’ll happen on Wednesday 05 June – but there are more than 400 shows on our website already, so now might be a good time to dip your toes and get a feel for what’s available.

Pick a favourite (or two, or three)

If you’re not ready to book yet, you can always add a show to your Favourites list now and come back to it later.

It’s really simple – just browse through the listings and, whenever you see something that piques your interest, click the Add to favourites button on the show picture.

Then, you can revisit your carefully curated list via the My favourites section under your account details.

(Of course, it wouldn’t be the Fringe if you didn’t venture outside your comfort zone at least a little bit, so maybe throw some wildcards in there as well – be adventurous!)

Check out the current show listings


400 shows is still a lot to get through, so if you’re looking to narrow down the selection, have a play around with the filtering options on our advanced search tool – you can decide what genres you want to see, for which age groups, at any particular time of day and so on. There are loads of ways to customise your search, so go ahead – #MakeYourFringe.

Try out the advanced search tool