Friends of the Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest open-access arts festival in the world.

In 2013 the Fringe saw 45,464 performances of 2,871 shows, an inspiring celebration and showcase of the best performance and entertainment from around the world. Our open-access policy means that anyone is able to participate in the festival, making the Fringe the perfect place for attracting new talent and developing the stars of tomorrow. Many famous artists we’ve come to know and love got their big breaks at the Fringe - including Eddie Izzard. Graham Norton, Emma Thompson and Derek Jacobi.

The Fringe needs your support!

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society is a registered charity that receives very little in the way of public funding despite generating over £140 million for the Scottish economy.

We rely on the generous support of individuals, sponsors and other organisations who help us ensure that we remain faithful to our founding principle – to be an open-access festival which is inclusive of all – and that we continue to grow in a sustainable and vibrant way.

Become a Friend of the Fringe for 2014

Contributions made by Friends of the Fringe go towards supporting the core activities of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, including:

  • providing the services needed to facilitate the largest arts festival in the world
  • helping the audience navigate their way round by providing comprehensive information about what’s on in a variety of ways including the programme, the website and the mobile phone App
  • maintaining the central Box Office for all Fringe shows
  • advising, supporting and encouraging everyone who takes part in the Fringe, across all genres, including performers, venues, promoters and the media 

For full details on all of our Friends memberships and to sign-up with our online form, visit the Join Now page.

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