FringeMaker – frequently asked questions

What is FringeMaker?
FringeMaker is a web-based app we’ve created to help Fringe-goers discover more of Edinburgh and experience the Fringe to its fullest. The way the game works is simple: every time you visit a new venue, you get a point; collect enough points, and not only will you get kudos for being an Fringe superfan – you’ll also win exclusive pin badges from the Fringe Shop. You can earn extra points by completing additional challenges.

What can I win?
Respect from your peers, exclusive pin badges and, for players who reach a certain level, entry into a prize draw to win Fringe goodies, including a £50 voucher to spend on tickets. There’s also a grand prize draw for everyone who manages to complete the game.

How do I play?
Look out for the special FringeMaker top hat sign in each venue. Each hat is accompanied by a QR code and a seven-digit alphanumeric passcode; use either one to check into the venue on your phone, and you’ll automatically get a point – and possibly unlock some fun extra challenges.

When does the game end?
At the end of the Fringe – Monday 26 August.

There’s no signal in this venue.
If the venue you’re trying to check into has limited wifi or data service, you can take a note of the passcode and enter it after you leave.

I can’t find the board.
Ask the venue staff to point you in the right direction. If you still don’t have any luck, use our ‘Report an issue’ form.

How do I download the app?
You don’t have to download it – it’s based online at – but it might be a good idea to bookmark the page in your browser or save it to your home screen.

How do I create an account?
You can create an account by logging in with your Facebook, Google or other email account and choosing your own password. Just head to and click ‘sign up’ to get started.

How do I reset my password?
If you’ve forgotten your FringeMaker password – and your account isn’t linked to your Facebook or Google account – you can reset your password at the login screen by clicking the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ link and entering the email address you signed up with. An email will be sent with instructions on how to reset your FringeMaker password.

Why do you need my social media data?
Some of the additional challenges are social media-based – eg taking a selfie somewhere specific and posting it online. You don’t have to complete these if you don’t want to – you can still earn points by checking into venues.

I’ve won a prize – how do I claim it?
Come to the Fringe Shop at 180 High Street and we’ll sort you out!

I don’t have a smartphone – can I play this online?
Unfortunately we don’t have a desktop version of FringeMaker at this point.

I’m physically unable to complete a challenge – this seems unfair.
We’ve tried to make all of the challenges as easy as possible for everyone to take part – if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback, please use our ‘Report an issue’ form.

A venue isn’t accessible and I can’t get in.
We’ve asked venues to put their FringeMaker signs in places everyone can see them – if that hasn’t happened, please use our ‘Report an issue’ form.

I’m only here for a day – why can’t I win anything?
Sure you can – it’s just going to be a super-challenge! Show us what you got!

The passcode isn’t working / the app isn’t displaying properly on my device.
You may need to log out and/or restart your browser. If it’s still a problem, please use our ‘Report an issue’ form.

Will this use a lot of my mobile data?
The FringeMaker game is browser-based and mostly made up of text and images; you’ll use no more data than you would if you were surfing the web on your mobile.

I visited a venue before hearing about the game – does that count?
Unless you made a note of the venue passcode, we’re afraid not. Sorry!

My camera doesn’t work – can I still play?
Yep, just use the passcodes.

I’ve already been to this venue – why isn’t it on my list?
Many Fringe venues have multiple spaces or names that are very similar, but checking into one doesn’t automatically check you into another. If you do believe that a venue you’ve already checked into is missing from your account, please use our ‘Report an issue’ form.

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