Lipstick, the Roundhouse Productions show directed by Rachel Yoder has seen its 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe launched in an award winning style, after its promotional poster was announced as the winner of the Dupliquick Zebra Award for Best Poster Design.

The award, open to all 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe performers, was chosen by a panel of six judges which included two representatives from Fringe venues, a Fringe media team member, a graphic designer and two representatives from Dupliquick.

In winning the award, the designers were rewarded with a £500 cash prize and a further £500 worth of free printing, with the judges commenting that the poster was felt to be visually strong and intriguing with a good presentation of the show’s information.

The two runners up were The Four Women of the Apocalypse from Roisin Rae whose designers were praised for their striking and surreal visual impact, and Virtuous Flock from N10 Productions who were chosen for their eye-catching and disturbing effort. They both received £250 worth of free printing.

Nigel Harper, one of the directors of Dupliquick, said “This is the 6th year we have run this Award. Last year we were considering whether 5 years was enough, but we are delighted that we continued. There were just under 200 entries and once again the standard was very high.”

We would like to thank every Fringe company who submitted entries and The Fringe for their continuing support. We have decided to continue the Awards for 4 more years, recession permitting!”

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