The Festival Fringe Society will kick-off the new year in 2011 with the first set of elections to the Society’s board under the new constitution that was recently adopted by members of the Society.

At a General Meeting of the Society held on 21 November in Edinburgh it was resolved to adopt a new constitution (The Memorandum and Articles of Association) for the Society. As part of that resolution it was agreed to hold an election for three positions on the Board as soon as possible.

All Members of the Fringe Society are eligible to stand as candidates in this election.

There are three categories for which candidates are able to stand:

  1. Candidates must be drawn from those Members who are Performers, that is Members who either perform or take part in or are connected in any way to a show or performance in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

  2. Candidates must be drawn from those Members representing Registered Venues, that is Members properly nominated by a venue which is registered with the Society for the Society’s festival programme for 2010.

  3. This category is open.

Members may stand for any category that they are eligible for but may only stand in one category.

A candidate may not nominate themselves and should be nominated and seconded by any other Member of the Society.

The Board of the Fringe Society has agreed that the ballot will be held by post.

Any member who wishes to stand can download a nomination form from the Fringe Society Members Area. For information on becoming a Fringe Society member and to access the Members Area, please visit our Membership page.

Following the deadline for receipt of nominations, ballot papers will be sent to all Members. Completed ballot papers must be returned to the Company Secretary no later than 12:00 Monday 07 February 2011. After the results are declared and verified they will be posted on as soon as practicable.