Following the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society Anthony Alderson, Judith Doherty and Kate Smurthwaite have been elected to the Board to each serve a four year term.

Since 2010 the Society has had a constitution in which board members were put into three categories: performers, venues and an open category.

Theatre producer Judith Doherty won the election in the ‘open’ category ahead of Dr Wesley Shrum and Sharon Burgess.

In the ‘venue’ category Anthony Alderson from The Pleasance was successfully elected over Richard Wiseman.

In the ‘performer’ category Kate Smurthwaite was elected ahead of Andre Vincent.

The elections were carried out using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system of preferential voting and were managed on behalf of the Society by the Electoral Reform Society.

The General Meeting also agreed to seven special resolutions to tidy up the Society’s constitution.

The first special resolution changed the title of “Chairman” to that of “Chair” and was carried by 98% of those voting. The second one gave members of the Society the right to specify whether for non-statutory communication they preferred electronic or postal communications and was passed by 98%. The third resolution amended the term of membership and was passed by 99% of those who voted whilst the fourth resolution reduced the amount of time that a member has to be a member of the Society before they can vote at the AGM and was passed by 94% of those who voted.

Special Resolution Five changed the title of one of the categories for board elections from "performers" to "show participants" and was passed by 93%. The sixth resolution reduced the number of Board Directors obliged to attend each meeting of the Participants’ Council and was passed by 85%. The seventh and final Special Resolution changed the electoral cycle of the Participants’ Council and this was passed by 98%.