The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society have commissioned Culture Republic to carry out an independent survey of staff that worked at Fringe venues in 2016 and 2017. The survey will draw together the thoughts of staff from across the festival and will gather robust data on working conditions.

Culture Republic will collect data from people working across a range of departments, contracts and venues, with the aim of establishing an unbiased and comprehensive picture of all working models at the Fringe.

The survey will remain open until 10 November and we would encourage anyone who worked for a Fringe venue in 2016 or 2017 to take part.

In line with the open access ethos of the Fringe, venues are free to operate as they wish, provided they comply with applicable licensing, employment and health and safety legislation. The Fringe Society is committed to working with venues to ensure that they legally and fairly compensate their staff for the work they do during the Fringe.

Our aim is always for those who choose to be involved in the Fringe, in whatever capacity, to have the best experience possible and we will continue to work closely with Fringe venues, companies and workers to promote a fair and positive working environment for all.

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