2022 marks the 75th anniversary of the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe – and we’re excited. We want to use this moment to celebrate all the incredible opportunities, careers, relationships and more that have been created at this important arts festival. To do that justice, we’re asking for your stories.

We want to hear about the Fringe moments that have made the festival amazing for you, dating back as far as you can remember. Whether you’re a performer, an audience member, a worker, a producer, a venue operator, a local, a PR, a journalist, a Fringe Friend or a Fringe fan – we want to hear from you.

We’re also creating a special edition of the programme to celebrate our 75th year, which may feature archive images from Fringes past. If you have photos you’d like to share and are happy for them to be used in this capacity, please send them our way:

share your fringe moment

What kind of stories are we after?

We want the funny, the inspiring, the motivational, the weird and the wonderful. We want you to tell us anything that makes you smile when you look back on it. Some examples might be:

  • the household name you took a chance on when they were still unknown
  • a colleague whose talent and skills behind the scenes have kept a show, venue or company afloat
  • the time you sat, stood or queued next to somebody in a show, only to realise they were famous
  • that time you found yourself unexpectedly part of the show
  • the artists or industry professionals that have championed your work from an early stage
  • the funny things that have happened when flyering (or being flyered)
  • creative ways disasters have been averted
  • unlikely friendships and beautiful relationships that have been forged on the Fringe
  • that life-affirming moment in a chip shop, one Saturday in August.

All entries will be catalogued and presented by the Fringe Society as part of our 75th anniversary celebrations.

What kind of photos are we after?

  • Images that capture a time and place that are special to you.
  • Images that capture a moment of magic – the sort of thing you only experience at the Fringe.
  • Images that capture the backstage excitement and drama of bringing a show to the Fringe.
  • Pictures of the people who make the Fringe happen: the cast and crew, venue staff and volunteers, flyerers and front-of-house.
  • Pictures of this amazing festival city being transformed by the Fringe including Fringe venues and the street events.