We’ve got a brand-new gadget at this year’s Fringe. It’s called the Inspiration Machine, and it’s designed to help out if you’re struggling to choose which Fringe shows to see. You just push the big #MakeYourFringe button and the machine serves up three random show suggestions – many with specially made videos from Fringe performers, giving you a wee taster of what their shows are like.

Once you’ve received your suggestions, there’s no obligation to go and see the shows – they’re simply a few ideas to get you started. As the name suggests, the machine is there to give you a bit of inspiration – to offer something random that might sit outside of your regular comfort zone. Who knows – taking a risk on something unusual might just #MakeYourFringe!

We came up with the Inspiration Machine after hearing about ‘selection paralysis’ – the idea that, if you’re presented with too many options, you struggle to choose any. With over 3,500 shows in the Fringe Programme, we understand it can be hard to choose! Hopefully you’ll find the Inspiration Machine a fun way to discover something new.
The Inspiration Machine will be located on the Mound from 02 – 26 August 2019. You can also try out an online version at inspiration.edfringe.com.

Take a spin on our inspiration machine