18 August 2014

The awards, which have been running since 1995 are presented to the best of the festivals’ performers, venues and backstage crew. In outstanding cases, the panel may award an ‘Archangel’ - the highest honour presented at the ceremony, while ‘little Devils’ are awarded to those who have overcome adversity, or in the true tradition of the festival, have demonstrated a 'show must go on' attitude.

The Herald Archangel award went to Olwen Fouere from Riverrun (Traverse Theatre).

The Herald Angels went to Ganesh Versus the Third Reich (EIF), The James Plays (EIF), Lippy (Traverse), Falling in Love with Frida (Dancebase), La Loba (Zoo) and Steven Osborne from Quartet for the End of Time (EIF).

The Little Devil went to Andrew Maxwell from Andrew Maxwell: Hubble Bubble (The Assembly Rooms).

The next group of Herald Angel Awards will be announced on Saturday 23rd August.