If you are a private landlord or homeowner, you can register your property with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society for inclusion in our Accommodation Register using the online registration form below. This service is completely free. All we ask is that prices are kept at an affordable rate - details of our pricing requirements are listed below.

If you encounter any difficulty completing the form, or have any queries regarding the Accommodation Register, please contact admin@edfringe.com.

If you wish to list a property on behalf of a company or agency, please contact advertising@edfringe.com.

Please familiarise yourself with our pricing guide, Important Information and Health and Safety Regulations before registering your property.

Pricing guide

The property prices are broken down into the following categories:

  • ECONOMY Up to £70 per person per week
  • AVERAGE £70 - 110 per person per week
  • EXPENSIVE £111 - 150 per person per week

Please note that we will only advertise accommodation that comes within our price range. Additionally, we require that the rental deposit not exceed 50% of the total agreed rental cost.

If we receive feedback from participants that the prices charged do not match the advert submitted, your property may be removed from our accommodation list and you may be blocked from adding further listings.

Important information

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society (EFFS) will not accept responsibility for claims of any sort regarding your property. All contractual arrangements will be between your tenants and you. The EFFS will not be a party to or act as a guarantor for these arrangements. The EFFS will not be responsible for their performance, nor any loss, injury or damage arising from them.

It is your responsibility as a landlord to keep us updated on the status of your property so we can ensure that the information listed is relevant and up to date. The Accommodation Register will be updated regularly, and newly added listings will be clearly indicated.

Advice for your listing

When advertising your property it is helpful to give as much information as possible. We include a link to Google Maps for each property, so be certain to provide a full address in the fields provided. If you have any feedback from previous Fringe Participants then do include that too – word of mouth is the greatest marketing tool.

Health and safety regulations

In compliance with health and safety regulations, we will only include accommodation where tenants are comfortably housed - i.e. a separate living area is provided, a single bed sleeps one, a double bed sleeps two.

As a landlord letting a property, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all health and safety regulations. Please make sure you review information relevant to fire safety in sleeping accommodation. We recommend that you download a copy of Practical Fire Safety for Sleeping Premises from the Scottish Government website. There may be variations in your level of responsibility depending on whether you are letting a whole premise, or are simply letting out a room where you will still be in occupation.

What happens if something goes wrong?

We’re pleased to say that the majority of arrangements between Fringe participants and landlords go very smoothly. Should any disputes arise, they will need to be resolved between yourself and the participant as the Society is not able to mediate. However, if the Society receives repeated complaints about a property, we will consult with the landlord and reserve the right to remove the property from future listings if we see fit.