The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an open access arts festival, the largest event of its kind in the world. It began in 1947 when eight theatre companies turned up, uninvited, alongside the acts performing in the first Edinburgh International Festival. Since then the Fringe has not only come into its own, but has become the biggest of Edinburgh’s festivals.

An open access arts festival means that anyone who can find a venue to perform in can put on a show as part of the Fringe. There is no selection process and the festival is not programmed or curated. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society does not produce any shows, does not invite anybody to perform and pays no fees to performers. We are simply here to provide companies with the resources, support and exposure necessary to make their show a success.

If you're interested in covering the Fringe as a member of the media, the Fringe Media Office is here to help you find your way around it all.

Check out last year's programme to get a feel for the range of shows and events that make up the Fringe.