One of the Fringe Society’s key roles is to nurture and develop the incredible range of creative talent that is showcased annually on the Fringe, both on and off stage. That includes supporting the next generation of producers by breaking down barriers to careers in the creative industries. 

We currently run two programmes to help fledgling producers get started at the festival: 

  • The Emerging Producers Development Programme (EPDP) has been running at the Fringe since 2012 and, with over 80 alumni, is a well-established and popular programme of career and network development opportunities for emerging UK-based producers. The 2022 programme is open to 15 emerging producers based in the UK, with priority given to producers who identify as disabled, working class or part of the global majority.  
  • The Working-Class Producers Mentorship is a pilot programme for 2022, aimed at Scotland-based participants looking to produce their first Fringe show in 2023. It is a year-round programme offering mentorship, advice and support to working-class creatives whose primary role is that of the producer or self-producing artist. 


Which programme should I apply for?  

Below are some of the key criteria for each programme, highlighting the differences between them. If you are still unsure which programme to apply for, please contact [email protected]

Emerging Producers Development Programme 

This is a week-long programme during the final week of the Fringe in August 2022 It focuses on expanding your professional networks and supporting your career development needs. 

Applicants must: 

  • be based in the UK and over 18 
  • be emerging / early-career producers already working in a professional producing capacity 
  • have previous producing experience / credits. 



Working-Class Producers Mentorship  

This is a year-round programme focused on supporting you as you plan your Fringe 2023 show, with a three-day introduction period during the last week of the Fringe in August 2022.  

Applicants must: 

  • be based in Scotland and over 18 
  • identify as working-class 
  • have never taken a show to the Fringe before but plan to produce a show at the Fringe in 2023. 

Previous producing experience not required.