Made in Scotland supports Scottish artists and companies to bring work to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, to share incredible pieces of music, dance and theatre, and allow them to explore the international opportunities that arise from performing at one of the world's greatest celebrations of arts and culture.

Interested in applying for the Made in Scotland showcase 2024? The timeline for Made in Scotland 2024 is as follows:

For more information, visit Creative Scotland’s website.

Made in Scotland Gigs is a new strand to Made in Scotland in 2024, supporting emerging music artists looking to participate in the Fringe.

The project will include two showcase events featuring 20–30-minute sets from eight artists (four per event) and a networking session; these will be delivered in partnership with a music industry body to maximise industry and artist engagement. £10,000 of Made in Scotland funding has been ringfenced to provide artist bursaries in the Gigs strand.

Further details on the bursary amount(s) available and the application process for this new strand will be announced in the near future. Please note that applying for this new strand will not affect your ability to apply for the core Made in Scotland Showcase, ie you can apply for both.

If you have any questions about the Made in Scotland Showcase or the Gigs strand specifically, please email [email protected].

Find out more about the Made in Scotland Showcase.

As well as supporting the actual showcase of work during the Fringe each year, Made in Scotland also has separate funding available to enable artists, bands and ensembles based in Scotland to take up new international touring opportunities for work programmed as a direct result of the inviting promoter seeing the work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

This fund exists to support costs linked to flights, freight, visas and the translation of marketing materials. Other costs are expected to be met by the inviting promoter.

We also require anyone applying to this fund to be working with an international promoter who is making a clear financial contribution towards the overall costs. This fund will not support wholly self-produced and self-funded tours.

The total amount available for the Made in Scotland Onward International Touring programme will be in the region of £110,000. The maximum you can routinely apply for is £15,000. This fund will remain open until it is fully allocated.

Onward touring – further details and how to apply

The Emerging Producers Development Programme is now closed for 2023. We'll update this page with information on EPDP 2024 as it is confirmed. The information on this page pertains to Fringe 2023; please use it only as a guideline.

The Emerging Producers Development Programme (EPDP) is a creative and professional development programme for 15 emerging UK-based producers interested in using the Fringe as a platform for their ongoing career development.

The programme is run by the Fringe Society and aims to support emerging UK producers to expand their professional networks and develop their learning and creative insight at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

Who is it for?

The programme is open to UK-based emerging producers, working across all disciplines and genres of the performing arts, who would not qualify for Arts Industry accreditation through the Fringe Society’s Arts Industry Office.

Participant selection

Participants will be selected by open application (see below). The Fringe Society is committed to maintaining the open-access policy of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, so we welcome applications from all sectors of the arts community.

The Fringe Society is also committed to a policy of equal opportunity. Places on the programme will be prioritised for producers who identify as disabled, working class and / or part of the global majority. These will be promoted through select partner organisations across the UK best placed to identify and nominate promising emerging producers from within their networks, as well as via the open call process. Please make it clear in your application if you are applying for the EPDP via open call or on recommendation from a partner organisation. 

What’s included in the programme?

The programme consists of:

  • a £100 ticket voucher to help you see a wider breadth of work at the Fringe than your own budget would allow
  • a bursary of £700 to contribute to accommodation, travel and food costs throughout the five-day programme in Edinburgh
  • accreditation and access to all resources provided by the Arts Industry Office during August (excluding the complimentary ticketing service)
  • a tailored programme of workshops, discussions and events addressing the shared development needs of you and your fellow producers on the programme
  • an invitation to the EPDP Welcome Reception to meet fellow participants and the Fringe Society team
  • invitations to key Fringe Central events
  • a meeting with the Artist Development Manager or the Arts Industry Manager to discuss professional development opportunities at the Fringe and beyond
  • bespoke advice and help navigating the Fringe programme to find artists / shows of interest
  • access to Fringe Central and all the services and resources within
  • access to the Fringe Central Events Programme, an extensive programme of professional development workshops, discussions and networking events. 

Access adjustments

To make the programme more accessible to those who have additional support needs, a fee of up to £150 per day is available to cover the cost of a personal assistant over the five days of the programme, plus a travel bursary equal to that of the participants', should it be needed.

If you require access adjustments or support to enable your participation in this programme please specify this in your application so that we can ensure these are included in our planning. 


Applicants should be able to demonstrate existing professional partnerships, producing credits or affiliations within their chosen field and clearly identify how this programme will further the work they are already doing and / or further develop their creative practice. This opportunity is suitable for those early in their career of producing in the performing arts. 

Essential criteria

  • Applicants must be working in a professional producing capacity in the performing arts; this need not be full time.
  • Applicants must be over the age of 18 (there is no upper age limit).
  • Applicants must be UK-based.
  • Applicants must be working independently / freelance in their producing practice. Applications will not be considered from organisations on behalf of candidates or those established in an organisational role which would make them eligible for Arts Industry accreditation.
  • Applicants must be able to be in Edinburgh during the EPDP focus dates, 21 – 25 August 2023.
  • Applications will not be considered if the applicant has participated in the programme previously.

You are not eligible if: 

  • you are an established producer with five or more years’ experience of producing independently or within an organisation
  • you are working in an established organisational role which would make you eligible for Arts Industry accreditation
  • you are not working towards a producing career and have no partnerships, producing credits or affiliations within your chosen producing field.

Further guidance

Applicants don't need to be presenting work at this year's Fringe, or to have done so in the past. Please note that participants will be expected to prioritise and fully commit to the EPDP between 21 and 25 August 2023. This will include attending events, workshops and meetings at various times. We therefore recommend that you aren’t producing work at this year’s Fringe.

Applications will be accepted from those in higher education as long as they meet the other essential criteria.

The programme is not designed to help you bring a show to the Fringe.

How to apply

Applications for EPDP 2023 are now closed.

If you are an organisation who works with emerging producers who identify as disabled, part of the global majority and / or working class, and would like to enquire about nominating an individual, please contact us at [email protected].  

If you have any questions about an existing application or the programme in general, the Artist Development Service is open year-round and can be contacted on [email protected]