We recommend that you accredit with the Arts Industry Office if: 

  • you are engaging with the Fringe as an arts industry professional 
  • you have a proven capacity to book work 
  • you have a proven capacity to offer development pathways for work 
  • you’re an agent seeking new clients. 

There are two routes to signing up with our Arts Industry Office: Accreditation and Accreditation Plus.

Accreditation is open to all arts industry, and includes:

  • access to our in-person services at Fringe Central, including networking events, panel discussions and advice on navigating the festival and the city
  • an arts industry login to Fringe Connect, our online events space and social network for Fringe artists and arts industry.

Accreditation Plus is for arts industry who have a proven capacity to book work, offer development opportunities or take on new clients at this year's Fringe. It includes everything listed above, as well as access to:

  • Fringe Marketplace, our platform for finding professional, tour-ready work
  • our complimentary ticketing service.

Accreditation for Fringe 2022 is now open!

If you are not looking to book work or take on new clients at this year’s Fringe, you can still accredit with the Arts Industry Office to gain access to our in-person services and Fringe Connect. 


Accreditation Plus

If you are accrediting with the Arts Industry Office to gain access to Fringe Marketplace and our complimentary ticketing request service, you can do so by filling out the form below.

In the form you will be asked to provide: 

  • basic information about yourself and the organisation(s) you work for 
  • information about your programming history
  • if you’ve been to the Fringe before, list of what artists / companies you or your organisation have programmed and / or offered career progression pathways for
  • what type of work / artists / companies you are looking for this year and what opportunities you can offer
  • any themes and genres you are interested in exploring at this year's festival
  • a brief biography and basic contact information.

Your biography and email address will be included in the delegate book on Fringe Marketplace, which can be viewed by other arts industry professionals on the platform. 
Registered artists can request the email addresses of accredited arts industry whose programming specifications fit with the type of work they are bringing to the Fringe that year. They make that request to, and are vetted by, our Artist Development Office. If you want more information about who your email address might be shared with, please contact the Artist Development Office at [email protected].

Each year when you come to the Fringe we ask you to re-accredit to access Fringe Marketplace and complimentary ticketing; when filling out the form, you can select for your information to be stored for the following year. This allows for a smoother and shorter accreditation each subsequent time you come to the Fringe, as you only need to log in and update any new information to resubmit your application. 

If you have any issues with the Accreditation Plus form or accessing your Fringe Marketplace / complimentary ticketing account, please contact [email protected].  

Please note that Fringe Marketplace and the complimentary ticketing request service for the upcoming Fringe will be launching in July 2022. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on this and our other services. 

Why we ask for so much information

On Fringe Marketplace we host digital assets from artists, including full-length show videos, as well as information about their work, their onward touring plans and their contact details. Given the importance and sensitivity of this information for artists, we need to assure them that the people with access to it can offer relevant opportunities under the criteria outlined above. 

The information you provide in the form about the type of work you are hoping to find at the festival includes genre specifications and theme interests. We capture this data because it informs the algorithm that sits behind Fringe Marketplace and helps you find work that meets those specifications.

The complimentary ticketing request service is designed to: 

  • support industry professionals to see a greater range of relevant work 
  • enable industry members to connect with work and artists for whom they are able to create onward touring opportunities or development pathways. 

Complimentary tickets have a cost implication to artists / companies, so we ask that you carefully consider any requests you make and pay for tickets where your budget allows. We ask you to share details of work you have booked at the Fringe in recent years, and what development pathways you can offer, in order for us to monitor the requests made. Complimentary ticket requests are checked against your programming interests and biography provided on your accreditation form; only requests for shows that fit those criteria will be processed.

If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria for Accreditation Plus, get in touch with the Arts Industry Office before you fill in your form: [email protected].

We are also able to pull together lists of work across the Fringe that fit your programming interests. If you would like access to this service, please contact the Arts Industry Office: [email protected].

I have gone through Accreditation Plus and now have access to Fringe Marketplace and complimentary ticketing – do I need to register for Fringe Connect too?

When you accredit to access Fringe Marketplace and the complimentary ticketing request service, an account is automatically created for you on Fringe Connect with the same login and password – you just need to activate it by logging in. Your Fringe Connect profile will be prepopulated with some of the basic information you supplied in your Fringe Marketplace registration form: name, biography, organisation, job title, city and email address. Once you log into Fringe Connect you can update or hide any information you would like to. You will not be visible to other Fringe Connect users until you log in.


Get in touch

The Arts Industry Office is open all year round for questions about arts industry registration and attendance at the Fringe. Get in touch by emailing [email protected] or call +44 (0)131 240 1902.

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