To mark its 75th anniversary in 2022, the Edinburgh Fringe has launched a new vision and set of values, and made a series of commitments to become more inclusive, fair and sustainable.

The vision “to give anyone a stage and everyone a seat” comes as venues, producers and artists aim to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic with the first full Fringe programme since 2019. 

Our three values will guide the behaviours and decisions of everyone involved with the Fringe. The Society will live by them, champion them and uphold them where necessary: 

  • Celebrate performing arts
  • Be open to all
  • Look out for each other

View the Fringe vision and values (.pdf)

This vision and values are accompanied by six Fringe Development Goals. Each sets ambitious targets designed to ensure the long-term renewal of the festival.

The six themes and headline targets of the Fringe Development Goals are:

1 Thriving artists    
Be the best place in the world for emerging artists to perform and the best platform for talent to emerge.

2 Fair work  
Eradicate any remaining unfair or exploitative work conditions at the Fringe.

3 Climate action    
Become a carbon net zero event by 2030.

4 Equitable Fringe    
Who you are and where you are from is not a barrier to attending or performing at the Edinburgh Fringe.

5 Good citizenship    
The Fringe, a force for good in and for the city of Edinburgh.

6 Digital evolution  
Enhance the live Fringe experience by ensuring a world-class digital experience.


The Fringe Blueprint

The Fringe Development Goals build on the work already started in the Fringe Blueprint, a set of commitments established five years earlier to mark the festival's 70th anniversary.

Find out more about the Fringe Blueprint

Give someone a stage

Help the Fringe Society to support artists, assist audiences and make the Fringe more environmentally sustainable.


could contribute to our support and development services for artists performing at the Fringe.


could help us take Fringe experiences to local groups with additional support needs.


could help us provide British Sign Language interpretation to make events more accessible.



Together, we can give everyone a stage and anyone a seat.