We are committed to creating a more inspirational Fringe in order to foster a lifelong passion for the arts amongst Scotland’s young people and champion creative learning in our schools and colleges.

We have several different initiatives for 2019 and beyond. If you are completing any Fringe related work you think could be of interest to other schools or teachers in Scotland, please let us know!

Applications for the 2020/2021 session of Teachers’ Theatre Club are now closed.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Fringe in Schools opportunity

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has commissioned four Fringe artists and companies to provide workshops to schools in Edinburgh. There will be no cost to the school – the Fringe Society will cover all costs associated with this project. This project has been developed in partnership with Arts & Creative Learning, City of Edinburgh Council will run in January and February 2020 depending on the needs of your school.

If you’re interested, download the information pack to find out more information and apply online using the link below.

Online application form

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Bring your class to the Fringe

Thinking of bringing your class to the Fringe? The Fringe Society is here to help you plan your trip, make curricular links and make the most of your visit. 

Teaching resources

Stuck wondering what the Fringe is and how to explain it to your class? Check out our video explaining all about the world’s greatest art festival in two minutes!