Fringe Advisors are appointed on an annual basis and provide advice and guidance to the Fringe Society on aspects of our work that benefit from critical thinking and engagement of the people we are here to support, the artists in the Fringe.

For example, the sort of things we might consult them on might include the topics covered by our FringeCasts, aspects of the marketing campaign or how to ensure that the events in Fringe Central are as welcoming and inclusive as possible. 

These are strategic relationships with bodies representing a group or movement that reflects the ambitions of the Fringe Society’s Blueprint and Business Plan. These relationships are well placed to help us deliver on aspects of our strategy and enable us to better support and engage with significant groups of artists and understand the barriers they might be facing. They are public facing relationships that help us to move forward with key agendas important to artists and implement change that makes a real difference to people’s experience of the Fringe. Depending on the organisation in question, this might include a financial transaction between EFFS and the partner and fees payable for pieces of work upon mutual agreement.

Birds of Paradise is a strategic partner of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. Our shared objective is supporting disabled artists in accessing the Fringe, advising Fringe companies in making their work more accessible to audiences and increasing accessibility across the Fringe venue landscape. Find out about their work at

Something to Aim For is a strategic partner of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. Our shared objective is supporting the wellbeing of artists from underrepresented and intersectional backgrounds performing at the Fringe. Find out about their work at

Somewhere is a strategic partner of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. Our shared objective is to support a key focus on visibility, participation and representation of a wide and intersectional scope of LGBTQ+ narratives and practitioners at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Find out about their work at and for more about their Somewhere: For Us quarterly LGBTQ+ culture and enterprise magazine, visit

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PiPA (Parents and Carers in the Performing Arts) is a strategic partner of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society with a shared goal to increase support and provision for parents and carers in the performing arts and specifically within this partnership, those working or performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Our collaborative efforts will seek to redress the loss of talent and subsequent exclusion which can arise when support and advocacy for parents and carers is not available. 
Find out more at

Underpinning the work is the PiPA Best Practice Charter; a set of ten guiding principles for all professional Performing Arts organisations to use as and where applicable, to support access to work and employee retention for carers and parents.

If you or your organisation would like to be considered as a Fringe Advisor, or you'd like to suggest someone you think would be great in this role, please email [email protected] for more information. We are eager to work with people and organisations who care about the Fringe and are committed to working with us to make the experience of taking part as positive as possible, and are especially interested in hearing from people who have access to networks or communities who might come across particular barriers to participation. Please note that strategic partnerships tend to be reconsidered/renewed on an annual basis and run from autumn to the following Fringe to coincide with the business planning and planning cycle of the festival.