The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is renowned as one of the greatest celebrations of arts and culture on the planet.

An important part of Scotland’s cultural heritage, and a vital access point to the arts, it is  open, inclusive, pioneering, and experimental. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society’s vision is, “to give anyone a stage and everyone a seat”. To help us achieve this, we have set out six Fringe Development Goals designed to ensure the long-term renewal of the festival and a vibrant, sustainable future.  

Our Give Someone a Stage fund supports the Fringe Development Goals and sets out to remove barriers both to participating in and attending the Fringe. As we work to build a better, more accessible and sustainable Fringe, the fund will be used to level the playing field for artists and audiences, and improve the infrastructure that supports them, providing the opportunity to reap the rewards that the Fringe has to offer. 


Your donations will make a difference

Each Development Goal sets ambitious targets designed to ensure the long-term renewal of the festival. 


Thriving artists

Be the best place in the world for emerging artists to perform and the best platform for talent to emerge. 


Fair work

Eradicate any remaining unfair or exploitative work conditions at the Fringe. 


Climate action

Become a carbon net zero event by 2030.


Equitable Fringe

Who you are and where you are from is not a barrier to attending or performing at the Edinburgh Fringe. 


Good citizenship

The Fringe is a force for good in and for the city of Edinburgh. 


Digital evolution

Enhance the live Fringe experience by ensuring a world-class digital experience.


Every donation, big or small, will help secure the future of the Fringe


"The Edinburgh Fringe changed my life."
A message from our president...

Ask Phoebe Waller-Bridge what her connection to the Fringe is, and the answer is simple: “the Edinburgh Fringe changed my life.”

Read more about why she’s backing the festival and supporting the work of the Fringe Society in our exclusive interview.



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