Are you a current Fringe venue or would like to become one?

The Fringe is an open access arts festival. This means that anyone who would like to take part can, including venues. Managing a venue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe can be a hugely rewarding experience, but is also a mammoth task for all involved.

In this guide we cover all the aspects of running a venue at the Fringe, covering the before, during and after experiences. We take you through the steps of managing a venue from registering your space, right through to legal requirements and keeping economically green while here.

This guide is designed to cover everything you need to know about running a venue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, whatever your levels of venue management experience.

Getting started

Here we introduce you to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, highlight our downloadable handbooks and link you to other useful information to give you a head start.


Everything you need to know about registering your show. From registration fees to deadlines, we've got you covered.

Codes and legal requirements

In this section you will find all the important legal information that you need to know when running a venue at the Fringe.

Ways we can help

Guidance on all the main service and areas run by the Fringe Society, including Fringe Central - available to any and all performers, producers, company members, arts industry or members of the media wanting to make use of our services and meet up with fellow Fringe participants.

Venue manager area

Inside the venue manager area you will find minutes from our triannual venue managers' meetings, covering a wide range of important Fringe Society subjects.