We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through creativity and experience the thrill of live performance.

We are working closely with over 30 charities and communities across Edinburgh, all year round, to break down any barriers that might prevent groups and individuals coming to the Fringe, in particular those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the festival or arts in general. 

The success of the Fringe relies on the city and its residents, and we are committed to finding ways for even more Edinburgh people to engage with and enjoy the arts. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone is welcome.

The Fringe Days Out scheme, launched in 2017, provides Edinburgh-based charities and community groups with free Fringe ticket vouchers and bus passes, so that their whole festival experience is free.

Over the last two years, an estimated 5,000 people have used Fringe Days Out to visit the festival, a significant proportion of whom had never experienced the Fringe before. 

By providing people with Fringe ticket vouchers, we are empowering them to explore the full Fringe programme, inviting them to see any show. By providing bus passes, we are making it simpler for people to travel into town, removing the potential barrier of transport costs.

‘It makes the Fringe accessible for local people. With the addition of bus passes, it means that families in particular have a wonderful opportunity to take their children to a performance, which otherwise would not be possible. It might be their first creative experience which can open up their worlds, create new ideas and enthusiasm. It can create magic.’  - Kate Craik, General Manager, North Edinburgh Arts 

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will provide a sensory backpack for an autistic Fringe-goer.


will provide tickets for local community groups to attend the Fringe.


will provide sign language interpretation for performances.