In 2023, we accredited...

1,395 delegates from 50 countries!

The Fringe Arts Industry team provides year-round support and guidance for industry members who are looking to find talent, programme work and connect with other industry professionals.

Over a thousand industry professionals from across the arts and screen sectors visited the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2023 to discover talent, book work and network with peers from across the globe at the world’s largest arts marketplace.

Accreditation for Fringe 2024 will open on Thursday 09 May. 

Fringe Marketplace is still open for access by accredited industry members looking to buy work from the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe! 


Our office is here to support arts industry members with a professional interest in the Edinburgh Fringe, particularly those who engage with the festival as part of their plans to develop onward touring / presentation opportunities, commissions and partnerships. These could include industry members such as:

  • venue and festival programmers
  • TV and film industry professionals
  • agents and artist representatives
  • producers
  • industry members using the Fringe for professional networking.

Fringe Marketplace is an online platform created to connect programmers, presenters and commissioners with professional artists and work that’s ready to be shared beyond the festival.

The purpose of the platform is to help you find work that fits your programming specifications and to make the Fringe a valuable platform for artists seeking onward touring opportunities. Fringe Marketplace is available year-round to those industry professionals who are seeking to programme and develop work from the festival.

You can currently access Fringe Marketplace to pursue connections and continue conversations following Fringe 2023. Fringe Marketplace for 2024 will open on Thursday 09 May.



Screen Fringe is a dedicated support service for TV and film professionals attending the Edinburgh festivals, designed to assist delegates to discover the best theatre and comedy talent from Scotland, the UK and beyond. 

From the moment you accredit to the moment your Edinburgh experience comes to a finish, as a Screen Delegate you will receive bespoke assistance from the Screen Fringe team to squeeze the absolute most out of your time in Edinburgh. 

Support includes expert festival programme navigation, show curation tailored to Screen Delegates’ specific priorities, and access to ticketing throughout August. Alongside this essential service, Screen Fringe offers its own unmissable programme of case studies, industry panels, and networking events. 

With recent high profile Fringe-to-screen leaps such as Adura Onashile (Expensive Shit), Kieran Hurley (Beats), Richard Gadd (Baby Reindeer), and Jack Rooke (Big Boys), as well as a decades-long list of globe-conquering success stories (Beyond The Fringe, The League of Gentlemen, Taskmaster, Fleabag), the Edinburgh festivals offer an incomparable opportunity to discover original voices and IP rich with potential for screen development and adaptation.

For further information on Screen Fringe please contact [email protected].

The Arts Industry Office is based out of Fringe Central during August, and we can provide in-person support and services including:

  • providing your industry pass and welcome pack
  • information on events and networking opportunities
  • free Wi-Fi
  • desk access and co-working space
  • programme advice and recommendations
  • any other in-person support to help you make the most of the Fringe.


In the lead-up to and during August we host a variety of online and in-person discussions and events to support industry, including:

  • artist networking and pitches
  • arts industry networking
  • provocations, panels and workshops
  • weekly newcomers’ drop-in sessions
  • opportunities to share show recommendations and advice.

You can access events outside Fringe time on Fringe Connect.

Fringe Connect is our year-round online social network and events space for artists and arts industry professionals. It's where we team up with exciting partners to host discussions and provocations around new creative practices, social and political issues and hot topics for our industry, and provide advice on all things Fringe.

Join Fringe Connect

Accreditation for Fringe 2024 will open on Thursday 09 May. If you accredited in 2023 as an industry professional looking to programme or develop work from the festival, you will still be able to access Fringe Marketplace to pursue offers and connect with companies.

Accreditation is open May – August. To access our services, we ask industry delegates to accredit with our office and submit all the information we’ll need to support them during August. We recommend that you accredit with the Arts Industry Office if you: 

  • are engaging with the Fringe as an arts industry professional
  • have a proven capacity to book or programme work professionally 
  • have a proven capacity to commission work or offer other significant professional arts development pathways for artists such as screen development opportunities, residencies, arts fellowships, etc
  • are an established producer able to support an artist to platform their work in future
  • are an established agent seeking new clients. 

If you would like more information and guidance on accreditation, please get in touch with us via [email protected].

Why accredit? 

There are several ways we can support you in the lead-up to and during the Fringe:  

Industry Programme Pathways 

Our team is here to support industry members navigate the world’s largest performing arts programme and help them to discover work. If you have specific programming requirements or just want to broaden your horizons, you can email our team during August at [email protected] with your specifications and we’ll create a bespoke list of shows that match your criteria and interests, helping to define your unique pathway through the festival.

Industry Associates

Our Industry Associates join the team during August to cover work and provide more specialised programme recommendations and advice throughout the festival. 

The Industry Associates are experienced programmers and producers who can offer expert insight and advice on various areas of the festival programme. Find their programmer notes alongside show listings on Fringe Marketplace

More information on Industry Associates on Fringe Connect

 An international marketplace   

The Edinburgh Fringe is a unique place to see the work of artists from all over the world, including those that are presented as part of an official national showcase.

For more information on the showcases that presented as part of the 2023 festival, including the new digital Voices from the South showcase, see our Fringe Connect pages:

Find out more about the national showcases on Fringe Connect

Arts industry members who have accredited with the Arts Industry Office as a programmer with a proven track record of buying work will have access to our complimentary ticketing request service, enabling them to see a greater range of relevant work and connect with companies and artists. 

The complimentary ticket request service will open for Fringe 2024 on Thursday 09 May.

We have a dedicated team year-round who are keen to support industry in engaging with and navigating the Fringe. Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • If you’re coming for the first time as an industry professional and looking to understand the Fringe and what to expect.
  • One-to-one in-person support (appointments available on request) in the lead up to and during the festival.
  • Support connecting with artists and companies presenting at the festival.
  • Helping identify work that fits your programming criteria.
  • Information on shows and artists that are interested in touring.
  • Guidance navigating our systems and platforms.

You can reach us by emailing [email protected] or call +44 (0)131 240 1902 and let us know how we can help!

We look forward to hearing from you!