We want to enable more young people to experience the festival, inspiring the next generation of Fringe audiences and performers and shining a light on careers in the arts.

We offer funding for participants to run creative projects outwith Fringe time, engaging with local Edinburgh children and young people from community groups and additional support needs (ASN) schools.

We have specifically chosen to work with ASN schools on this project as a direct result of feedback from ASN teachers who find the Fringe challenging to navigate with a group of their students and are looking for ways to remove some of the barriers. With this in mind, we arrange for Fringe work to be taken to them so that they can experience performances and workshops in their own environments. This is a great opportunity for artists to engage with wider demographics, develop their practice and engage meaningfully with local communities in Edinburgh. Artists are supported by a mentor, encouraging artist development and networking.

“The learners engaged well with the activities from the very start, and the whole theme soon captured everyone’s imaginations. I feel that the real strength of the session lay in the involvement of the participants at every stage; their creative ideas were taken seriously and skilfully guided into creating a performance at the end of the class. The young people (and staff!) learned some simple but effective techniques for mime. The whole experience was entertaining, thought-provoking and unforgettable.”
(Martin O’Gorman, Drama and English teacher at Woodlands College, Edinburgh)

''The artist was creative, well-prepared and adaptive during each performance, which created an inclusive and enjoyable performance experience for all. The visual set of the magic show was brilliant and it set the scene for a wonderful performance. The staff team who also enjoyed the performances highlighted how engaged the young people were.''
Teacher, Woodlands School