• Clothing for every eventuality – Edinburgh can have very changeable weather!
  • If you are bringing small children, have a plan in case they get separated from you.
  • Street performers earn their main income from the audiences watching them, so bring some cash to drop into their hat (some performers also take card!)

The centre of Edinburgh is very busy during the Fringe. We highly recommend walking or taking public transport to get to and from the Fringe street events, rather than using a car. The sites are close to Edinburgh Waverley railway station, major bus routes and cycle routes. There are bike racks within the sites. Find out more about getting here.

In addition to the long-established performance areas on the Royal Mile and the Mound Precinct, this year’s street events will also take place at new locations in East Princes Street Gardens, St Andrew Square, Multrees Walk and Cathedral Square outside St James Quarter. Visitors to the street events will be able to follow a route taking in each of the performance sites following a map within the official printed Fringe programme.

2022 Fringe street events map

BSL interpreted street performances will take place on the West Parliament Square stage throughout the day on 07, 11, 21, 25 and 28 August. We are delighted to be working once again with Deaf Action to provide this.

The street events draw takes place daily from 10:00; once it's complete, we'll update this page with the schedule. 

Friday 19 August 


Mercat Cross 
Start     Finish       
11:05    11:50    Daniel L.
11:50    12:35    Chloebeth
12:35    13:20    Henry
13:20    14:05    Josephine Houe
14:05    14:50    Banana Man
14:50    15:35    Desail Roberts
15:35    16:20    Patrick Kneen
16:20    17:05    Techtonics
17:05    17:50    Laith
17:50    18:35    Frankie Lily
18:35    19:20    Desail Roberts
19:20    20:05    Laura Silverstone
20:05    20:50    Henry

Lower-Mid High Street 
Start     Finish       
11:10    11:40    Chloebeth
11:40    12:10    Dan Rubenstein
12:10    12:40    Pamela Banchetti
12:40    13:10    Ryan Simpson
13:10    13:40    Cam Mctavish
13:40    14:10    Dan Rubenstein
14:10    14:40    Shinonome Gold
14:40    15:10    Pamela Banchetti
15:10    15:40    Shinonome Gold
15:40    16:10    Banana Man
16:10    16:40    Cam Mctavish
16:40    17:10    Shiki Violinist
17:10    17:40    Shiki Violinist
17:40    18:10    Mr Peewee
18:10    18:40    Banana Man
18:40    19:10    Shiki Violinist
19:10    19:40    Emily Cabarle
19:40    20:10    Banana Man
20:10    20:40    Shiki Violinist

St Giles – Alcove one 
Start     Finish     
11:20    11:50    Josepine Houe
11:50    12:20    Anny Leigh
12:20    12:50    Anny Leigh
12:50    13:20    Jas Josland
13:20    13:50    Andrew Chiidwick
13:50    14:20    Jas Josland
14:20    14:50    Mr Peewee
14:50    15:20    Chris Kane
15:20    15:50    Chris Kane
15:50    16:20    James James
16:20    16:50    Sax Janet
16:50    17:20    Patrick Kneen
17:20    17:50    Sax Janet
17:50    18:20    Desail Roberts
18:20    18:50    James Minchell
18:50    19:20    Andrew Chiidwick
19:20    19:50    James Minchell
19:50    20:20    Emily Cabarle
20:20    20:50    Emily Cabarle

St Giles – Alcove two  
Start     Finish     
11:40    12:10    Cam Mctavish
12:10    12:40    Lygia
12:40    13:10    Cod O'donnell
13:10    13:40    Florian Steinhoff
13:40    14:10    Pamela Banchetti
14:10    14:40    James James
14:40    15:10    Keiichi Iwasaki
15:10    15:40    Tixy
15:40    16:10    Keiichi Iwasaki
16:10    16:40    Shih Chun Lin - The Magic Q
16:40    17:10    Tixy
17:10    17:40    Lygia
17:40    18:10    Tixy
18:10    18:40    Shih Chun Lin - The Magic Q
18:40    19:10    Keiichi Iwasaki
19:10    19:40    Keiichi Iwasaki

St Giles – Alcove three 
Start     Finish
11:20    11:50    Florian Steinhoff
11:50    12:20    Florian Steinhoff
12:20    12:50    Mohammed Quraishi
12:50    13:20    Lygia
13:20    13:50    Axel Ido
13:50    14:20    Vincent Laffite
14:20    14:50    Mike Raffone
14:50    15:20    Axel Ido
15:20    15:50    Timon
15:50    16:20    Timon
16:20    16:50    Florian Steinhoff
16:50    17:20    Shih Chin Lin - The Magic Q
17:20    17:50    Shinonome Gold
17:50    18:20    Mike Raffone
18:20    18:50    Mike Raffone
18:50    19:20    Henry
19:20    19:50    Patrick Kneen

Music by Hunter Square 
11:00    Meg La Grande
12:00    Murdo Mitchell 
13:00    The Bucket Boy
14:00    Morf
15:00    Matthew Lennox
16:00    Meg La Grande
17:00    Bartek Dabrowski
18:00    Bartek Dabrowski
19:00    Meg La Grande
20:00    Malachy


Circle shows

11:15    Rugg Tomcat
12:00    Eddie Bond
12:45    Lunatricks Family Circus
13:30    Byron
14:15    Danielle de la Wonk
15:00    Reidiculous
15:45    Luth
16:30    Kozo Kaos
17:15    Hunter Way
18:00    Hachikun - Antiwar
18:45    Spray Artist Yasuki
19:30    Rugg Tomcat
20:15    Finale Show - Mr Peewee and Bucket Boy 

West Parliament Square  
11:15    Paddy Potato
12:00    Paul Klaass
12:45    Juggling Gent
13:30    Ciara Balloon
14:15    Mat Kohey
15:00    Meap of Death
15:45    Maple Staplegun
16:30    Beano
17:15    Chinnen
18:00    Asaf N Roll
18:45    Daniel Zindler
19:30    Melon the Human
20:15    Kwabana Lindsay 

Mid High Street 
11:00    Herbie Treehead
11:45    Super Scott
12:30    Todd 'The Cowboy' Various
13:15    Darryl J Carrington 
14:00    Bob the Amazing
14:45    Unstable Acts
15:30    Able Mable
16:15    Malachi Frost
17:00    Logy on Fire
17:45    Quinn
18:30    Mimo Huenchulaf
19:15    Basketball Man
20:00    The Encouragable Rogue

Hunter Square       
11:00    Harvey Juggling 
11:45    Hunter Way
12:30    Daniel Zindler
13:15    Harvey Juggling 
14:00    Mr Vita
14:45    Ian Kendall Magic
15:30    Kwabana Lindsay
16:15    Hero Macro
17:00    Tommy: Fireboy
17:45    Kozo Kaos
18:30    Hero Macro
19:15    Tommy: Fireboy
20:00    Eddie Bond 


Taster stages

Taster stages give a glimpse of performances by artists and companies who are performing full shows at Fringe venues. Each slot last 20 minutes.

Cathedral Square
11:00    South London Jazz Orchestra
11:25    Badass
11:50    I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical
12:15    Sticky Door
12:40    Fladam's Musical Comedy Hootenanny!
13:05    Vox Stars Presents Star Inspirations
13:30    The Song of Fergus and Kate
13:55    Up Her Sleeve
14:20    Brain Hemingway
14:45    Plague
15:10    Ash Pryce: Ghosts
15:35    Drag Queen Wine Tasting
16:00    Improvabunga!
16:25    Trash Salad
16:50    sh!tshow
17:15    Living with Sin
17:40    The Tragedy of macbeth

St Andrew Square 
11:50    The Greatest Hits of Lily and John
12:15    This Old Cello Box
12:40    Fills Monkey: We Will Drum You
13:05    The Canterville Ghost: The Musical
13:30    The Twenty-Sided Tavern
13:55    SOHO BOY
14:20    Hey, That's My Wife
14:45    Robert Garnham, Yay!
15:10    Tina Del Twist Caravan in the Sky
15:35    Brave Space
16:00    A Cut Above
16:25    Sweet FA
16:50    I Miss Amy Winehouse
17:15    Fat Chance

There’s lots to see at the Fringe street events. Here are just some of the performers and activities you’re likely to see during your visit.


Music, magic, circus, sideshow. You’ll see all these and more in our busker pitches dotted around the event arenas. We register over 500 buskers, so there’s always something new to see.

Street performers

These professional performers come from around the world to perform at the Fringe, using a mixture of comedy, theatre and circus skills.

Living statues

There are plenty of statues in Edinburgh, but not all of them move. Strange characters, wonderful costumes and a surprise await should you drop a coin into the hat. All our living statues make their own costumes and create their own micro-theatre scenes.

Festival vendors

Among the performance areas, in every nook and cranny you’ll find someone exchanging a skill for a donation: portrait artists, caricaturists, hair braiders, face painters, palmists and more. 

Street Events staff holds sign for auidences

Street performers rely on audience participation to create an exciting performance. Many performers will invite members of the audience "on-stage" to be part of a trick or stunt. As an audience member, taking part in a street event can be a thrilling and memorable experience!

The Fringe street events are family-friendly and a great way of introducing kids to the festival and live performance. Many of the acts are specifically geared towards children and while there might be a few cheeky moments, all shows should be generally suitable for children.

The street events are a busy place and care should be taken to ensure children do not get separated from their parents or guardians. We have procedures in place to deal with lost children and work closely with the police and security on site, so please tell a member of staff straightaway if you can’t find your child.

We would recommend making sure that your child has a phone number or other contact details with them at all times, especially if English is not their first language.

The Fringe street events is a busking festival. This means that the only people paying the performers are you, the watching public. If you enjoy a show and you can afford it, please show your appreciation and put some money in the hat.

Street theatre is for everyone, so if you cannot afford to pay our performers that’s ok. A simple "thank you" is also welcome.

Street events staff in uniform

The Fringe street events staff are positioned throughout the event area and will be happy to assist you with anything you need. They will be wearing red tops with "Fringe Street Team" on the back. We have a dedicated first aid team on hand so let us know if you need medical assistance. All our staff have access training and will be more than happy to help those with additional access needs.

Year-round you can get in touch with any questions by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 131 226 0032.

If you have an act and would like to perform with us check out our guide to street events in the Take Part section.