The Arts Industry Office provides a number of key services to assist accredited industry to discover the best performing arts talent at the festival.

Fringe Marketplace is an online platform created to connect programmers, presenters and commissioners with professional artists and work that’s ready to be shared beyond the festival.

Fringe Marketplace is available year-round to industry professionals who are seeking to programme and develop work from the Fringe, with specifics such as company touring ambitions, technical specs, archive footage and show contacts readily available to support initial conversations and future collaborations.

It is also where you'll find our accredited Arts Industry Directory, where you can see and connect with other arts industry professionals engaging with Fringe Marketplace this year.

To access Fringe Marketplace, you must have a proven capacity to book work, offer development pathways for work, or be an agent seeking new clients. Check out our video to learn more about the platform, its functions and how it can support you in your search for quality work that’s relevant to your programme.

Log into Fringe Marketplace

Arts industry members who have accredited with the Arts Industry Office as a programmer with a proven track record of buying work will have access to our complimentary ticketing request service, enabling them to see a greater range of relevant work and connect with companies and artists.

Complimentary tickets can have a cost implication for artists so we ask that all requests are made with consideration. To access the ticket request service, you also need to agree to our complimentary ticket request policy.

Once a ticket has been requested, the show’s designated contact will receive an email containing the request and basic information about the delegate requesting it. The show then has up to 48 hours to decide if they want to accept the request or not, at which point it will be automatically released; as a result, you should allow plenty of time between requesting a ticket and the performance itself.

Log into the complimentary ticket quest service

Our Industry Associates are a group of industry professionals who join our team in the run-up to August to cover work and provide more specialised programme recommendations and advice throughout the festival. The Associates are experienced programmers and producers who can offer expert insight and advice on various areas of the festival programme.

You can view the Industry Associates’ programmer notes alongside show listings on Fringe Marketplace or meet them online or in-person at one of our programme insight sessions. You can also check out the Industry Associates’ Show Collections for recommendations and suggested Fringe show schedules for inspiration as you start to navigate the programme – these are available to accredited industry on Fringe Connect.


Screen Fringe is a festival concierge service and professional events programme made exclusively available to TV and Film professionals visiting Edinburgh’s August festivals. With so much happening in such a short space of time, getting a head start on making the most of your visit is invaluable. If your priority is seeing the best new talent and ideas the festivals offer, our priority is to make that experience frictionless.

Find out more about Screen Fringe

Our team is here to support industry members navigate the world’s largest performing arts programme and help them to discover work. If you have specific programming requirements or just want to broaden your horizons, you can email our team during August at [email protected] (or [email protected] for delegates from the TV and Film industries) with your specifications and we’ll create a bespoke list of shows that match your criteria and interests, helping to define your unique pathway through the festival.

Our Industry Associates can also provide more bespoke programme recommendations and advice. Meet them at one of our programme insight sessions, or view their Show Collections and suggested schedules to help give you some inspiration for navigating the programme – these are available to accredited industry on Fringe Connect.

National showcases

The Edinburgh Fringe is a unique place to see work by artists from all over the world, including those presented as part of an official national showcase.

For more information on the showcases that are presenting as part of Fringe 2024, see our Fringe Connect pages:



Fringe Connect is our year-round online social network and events space for artists and arts industry. It's where we team up with exciting partners to host discussions and provocations around new creative practices, social and political issues and hot topics for our industry, as well as events showcasing work at the festival during August.

Fringe Connect is open to all arts industry professionals looking to network with a global community of artists and fellow industry members. The platform allows you to set up a profile to help you connect with peers who share your interests and find collaborators for any projects you’re working on.


We’ve also set up a private group for accredited arts industry, where you’ll have access to exclusive content, resources and events relevant to the sector. 

This group is visible only to accredited industry members; if you have a colleague who wishes to join the group, please ask them to contact [email protected] for more information.

Fringe Central is the Fringe Society’s physical space for artists, industry and media; it's open throughout the month of August and is where the Arts Industry Office is based. The team are on hand to provide a range of services, resources and assistance to accredited industry at the Fringe including:

  • providing your industry pass
  • networking events
  • booking and processing complimentary tickets
  • purchasing full-price tickets
  • information on events and networking opportunities
  • free wifi
  • desk access and co-working space
  • in-person support to help you navigate the festival, guide you through our services and help signpost you to relevant events and parties happening across the month
  • show recommendations and advice from our Industry Associates.