Before you register, there are a few bits of information to gather that are crucial for both you and your participating companies to get the most out of holding a Fringe show in your venue.

  • Name of the venue.
  • Address and postcode.
  • At least one space name within that venue (e.g your venue might be 'The Church' and a space within it might be 'The Main Hall').
  • Capacities for each of the spaces you list.
  • Description of the venue for use in the programme and web/Fringe app listings.
  • Contact information for the Venue Manager - the person who will deal with all correspondence relating to ticket sales, accessibility, venue enquiries etc

Venue permissions

As a Fringe venue manager you are responsible for ensuring you have appropriate permissions to run your venue - you acknowledge your understanding of this when you register. If you do not own the property which you intend to run as a Fringe venue, you must ensure that you have the appropriate agreement or permission from the property owner, manager or factor to present Fringe shows in any space which comes under their responsibility.

Edfringeware is the registration system we use for venue management. If you are interested in becoming a Fringe venue please email [email protected].

Companies that register with the Fringe Society also use edfringeware to complete their show registration form. We request that all registering companies have a venue agreement in place before they register their show, so it's important for you to keep an eye on your venue in edfringeware to make sure that all shows registering in your space have got an agreement with you to perform there.

If you are a current Fringe venue manager, you can update your details on edfringeware at any point.