You don't have to be in Edinburgh to attend the Fringe – many Fringe shows take place online. Here's some useful information about attending an online Fringe show.

Online shows at the Fringe fall into one of two categories: scheduled or on demand

  • Scheduled shows take place at a specific date and time.
  • You can watch an on-demand show any time during its Fringe run. 

You can filter for each of these categories (or use both to see all online shows) when you browse shows on

  1. Click 'Advanced search' in the top right corner of the search bar.
  2. Select 'How to watch'.
  3. Use the checkboxes to choose what type of shows you're looking for: in person, online on demand or online scheduled.

Once you’ve booked a show, we'll update your account with information on how to watch it when the Fringe begins (you'll need to be logged into your account to see this). You'll be able to watch all online Fringe shows via laptop, desktop computer or mobile device; most shows – such as those hosted on YouTube and on our own Fringe Player platform – will also supporting casting to TV where possible.

Bring some Edinburgh to your living room

When the time comes to watch your show, why not have some fun with it? Try making it into a special event! Set a ‘doors open’ time, invite friends or family to watch it with you (or at the same time from their own homes), make some snacks, maybe even create some homemade tickets for your fellow audience members? Feel free to get creative – it’s your venue after all!

Here are a few more ideas (some more practical than others!):

  • Set up a beer garden in your back garden.
  • Distribute flyers in your hallway.
  • Craft your own handmade lanyard.
  • Wear some Fringe merch (visit our online shop if you’d like some help with that).
  • Challenge your family and friends to stage their own street events – for example, see who can create the best ‘living statue’ costume!
  • Recreate the Fringe street food experience by ordering in or preparing your favourite Fringe snacks – it’s not a proper August till you’ve eaten curry, bratwurst and mac ‘n’ cheese in a single day.

We've also put together some guidance on how to safely attend an in-person Fringe show.