As part of our mass feedback drive we've been gathering a lot of data on artists' concerns around accommodation costs at the Fringe.

This issue has only grown in urgency – following the 2022 festivals season, changes in legislation have led to the City of Edinburgh Council becoming the first short-term lets control area in Scotland. The policy has been drafted with the intention of easing legitimate housing issues for Edinburgh residents; however, it will undoubtedly also impact both the availability and affordability of temporary accommodation in Edinburgh in August.

Recognising the risk this poses for Fringe artists, we've set about gathering facts and case studies as evidence to illustrate the scale of the challenge. We want to thank the hundreds of artists and producers who completed our accommodation questionnaire – it has been extremely helpful to have this research base.

The key decision-makers and policy-makers are acutely aware of this issue and a roundtable with officials has been convened, ahead of a meeting with policy-makers, to work through the implications and develop positive and sustainable solutions. We believe there is a willingness from all parties to find ways forward that would be a win-win for all of those who have raised concerns about the short-lets accommodation situation in Edinburgh, and the creative community who want to be part of Edinburgh’s world renowned festivals every August.

We will take the time now to advocate on behalf of Fringe artists: presenting the evidence, having conversations with officials and exploring what can be achieved for 2023 and beyond.

We recognise how important this issue is to Fringe artists and we aim to update you by the end of November on how conversations are progressing. In the meantime, if you're an artist and you'd like any sort of support as you plan for Fringe 2023, please don't hesitate to contact our Artist Services team on [email protected].