The Fringe Society is deeply invested in fostering a lifelong passion for the arts among Scotland’s young people and championing creative learning in our schools. As part of that work, we’re currently looking for submissions from artists and practitioners interested in creating and delivering digital pilot events to bring arts-based learning into classrooms

What we’re looking for

We have four partner schools committed to this project – a special school, two primaries (ages 5 – 12) and a secondary (ages 12 – 18). Each artist will work with one school. Within your submission, you’ll be asked which school you’d wish to be partnered with. 

These events – such as workshops, performances or presentations – should be engaging, active and inspiring. Proposals will be assessed on the grounds of:

  • developing creativity skills in learners
  • encouraging participation in the arts
  • deliverability of project digitally 
  • willingness and capacity to collaborate with school and teachers.

All events should be accessible through online platforms, without the need for artists to physically visit the schools, and will be developed in consultation with schools and teachers. Selected artists will be briefed on digital safeguarding as specific to their partner school. We expect that the project will be delivered across two to four interactions with learners.

Learners taking part in a Fringe in schools workshop

Submitting a proposal

If you’re interested, we’d like you to submit your proposal in whatever manner suits you best – email, drawings, film, whatever you like! Your proposal should:

  • clearly outline the anticipated benefits for learners 
  • highlight which specific experiences and outcomes from the Curriculum for Excellence are being met and how, alongside which creativity skills are being developed (you can email our Learning Officer for more information on this)
  • state which school or schools you’re interested in working with (although final pairing will be decided by the selection panel) – download the profiles for the partner schools (.pdf).


What happens next?

Artists will receive a flat fee of £800 and will work with the Fringe Society Learning Team on the design and delivery of this digital pilot, and contribute to its evaluation.

Within this fee we would advise a minimum of two consultation sessions with teachers. Within this fee we would advise no fewer than two and no more than four digital interactions with pupil learners. We understand that each artist’s practice and engagement will be different, dependent on their artform and the school they’re matched with. There is a separate small budget to support associated costs to your delivery, which may include additional training and / or accessibility support (eg BSL interpreter, delivery of materials to schools).

Upon completion on the pupil-facing delivery, we will invite you to a short evaluation session with the Fringe Society's Learning team, to contribute your learning into the design of future Fringe Society Learning projects.

Is there payment involved?

The Fringe Society is offering a flat fee of £800 to artists to complete this project (regardless of how many pre-delivery consultations you have with the school, or how many times you deliver the events to different age groups, classes or groups in the school). We can cover additional costs if necessary, especially if these meet access requirements or help reduce barriers to access – for example, the cost of hiring a BSL interpreter to work with a group, class or learner who uses sign language.

Important dates

  • 21 September – proposal submission deadline.
  • 25 September – selection panel meet to decide commissions. All applicants will be contacted in the following week.
  • Week commencing 28 September – digital meeting with the Fringe Society’s Learning Officer to discuss and plan next steps.
  • Week commencing 05 October – digital meetings between schools and performer(s) facilitated by the Fringe Society.


Any questions?

If you have any questions or require further information please email [email protected].