FringeMakers is our online partnership with Crowdfunder to help artists fundraise at every stage of their Fringe journey. We hope to help everyone, from first-time Fringe performers to long-time veterans, to generate financial support for their own projects and support others. It’s free for artists to be included, and audiences can easily browse and support different Fringe artists and projects in addition to earning exclusive rewards.

Established in 2020 to help artists raise funds to weather the pandemic, FringeMakers has since helped more than 200 projects collectively raise over £613,000 from 18,100 supporters.

Chris Snow, our Head of Artist Services, said: "We're really excited to have FringeMakers back up and running for 2024 – as the stats demonstrate, the platform is a great option for artists looking to raise funds to support their time at the Fringe. Not only that, but the supporting resources we've developed in collaboration with the Crowdfunder team provide artists with guidance and advice on fundraising more widely. This is a project with long-term impact, and we'd like to offer a big thanks to Crowdfunder for their continued support of Fringe artists at this challenging time."

Dawn Bebe, Co-CEO of Crowdfunder, said: “Crowdfunder is all about making great ideas happen and this is a great way for artists, venues and performers to raise the money they need to take part in the Edinburgh Fringe. We’re delighted to support Fringemakers – and we wish you all the best of luck.”

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We asked for feedback from some artists who used FringeMakers to help them bring work to the festival in 2023:

Rosalie Minnitt, Clementine
"I was able to pay for flyers with my FringeMakers earnings and pay for three big billboards across the city, which really did wonders for my marketing."

Diana, Tegan and Clarisse, Artist / Muse
"Thanks to FringeMakers, we were able to fulfill our company mandate by enabling a majority global majority and LGBTQ+ cast and creative team to participate in the Fringe, showcase their talent and launch their careers, opening up more opportunities for paid work. "

Sarah Hirsch, Magnetoreception
"Crowdfunding through Fringemakers was our main source of funding to bring our show to the Fringe in 2023. It not only allowed us to pay for the trains, flights and accommodation for the week we were there performing but it also helped us cover the costs of the extra trip from London to Edinburgh for the press release prior to our shows."

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