We're always working to invent fun new ways to help #MakeYourFringe, which is why we’ve created the FringeMaker mobile web app.

It’s a sort of treasure hunt designed to help you explore Edinburgh and get more out of the Fringe – and pick up some snazzy prizes while you’re at it. To play, all you need to do is check in on your phone using the mobile web app whenever you visit a new venue. (There’ll be a special code at the venue to help you do this.) Each new venue earns you points; you also get bonus points for completing additional Fringey challenges, like taking a selfie beside a famous Edinburgh landmark.

Once you’ve racked up a certain number of points, you can exchange these for special FringeMaker badges at the Fringe Shop.

Sound too easy? Remember, there are over 320 venues at the Fringe, including several out-of-the-way nooks and crannies. We’ll be amazed (and incredibly impressed) if you manage to visit them all. Open up your phone’s internet browser and visit and bookmark fringemaker.com to get started.

Play the FringeMaker game