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Have you ever looked at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme and thought, ‘Jeez – where do I start?’ Don’t worry – you’re not alone. With over 3,500 shows to choose from, it can present a bit of a challenge.

That’s why we invented the Inspiration Machine. It’s a real-life, physical machine that presents you with a pick’n’mix selection of shows to see. The results include short videos, made by the shows’ artists, to give you a flavour of what they’re like.

Of course, they’re only suggestions – you don’t have to see whatever the Inspiration Machine turns up. As the name suggests, it’s just there to give you a bit of inspiration – to offer something that might be outside your regular comfort zone. And that’s no bad thing, is it?

We set up the Inspiration Machine on the Mound from 02 – 26 August 2019, and launched an additional version of the machine online. It was a massive success, with prospective audience members spinning it over 100,000 times.

We've packed the machine away for winter, but don't worry – you'll see it again at the 2020 Fringe. 

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