The world's largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is currently the focus of a showcase of productions taking place at the prestigious John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC.

Under the banner of "On The Fringe: Eye on Edinburgh", the Kennedy Center are presenting a range of plays, performance art pieces, installations and free performances, all of which came to prominence at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Kennedy Center showcase recognises the crucial role the Edinburgh Fringe has played since it was established in 1947 as a place where new talent is discovered and artists develop and sharpen their craft. The showcase is also a celebration of the creativity and originality of much of the work which is unveiled in Edinburgh each summer.

Amongst the productions taking part in the showcase are:

  • A Life in Three Acts (London Artists Project)
  • Hard-Hearted Hannah and Other Stories (Cartoon de Salvo)
  • Midsummer (Traverse Theatre Company)
  • Of All The People In All Of The World (Stan’s Cafe)
  • One Small Step (Oxford Playhouse)
  • Susurrus (David Leddy)

As well as these productions the event also features panel discussions on topics including the role of politics in fringe theatre, artistic entrepreneurship and arts criticism.

Representatives of the Fringe Society, including Chief Executive Kath M Mainland, will be present for a roadshow where artists considering bringing their work to Edinburgh can learn how to succeed in one of the world’s most competitive cultural environments.