Under a constitution adopted in 2012 the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society elects three Directors to its board each year. The elections conclude with the Annual General Meeting of the Society which this year takes place on Saturday 18 August.

There are twelve positions on the board that are directly elected by members of the Society. A third of these positions are reserved for Fringe performers and another third are reserved for representatives of Fringe venues with the final third being open to all members of the Society. For anyone with a passion about how the Fringe should develop or views about the work of the Fringe Society this is the opportunity to turn those beliefs into action.

All members of the Society are entitled to vote in the election and anyone with an interest in and commitment to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe can join the Society.

This August three of these positions will be contested. One position from each of the three designated categories will be elected by the whole membership of the Society.

The Fringe Society Board of Directors is responsible, under charity and company law, for the governance of the Society. The Board sets the budget, holds the management of the Society to account and sets the long-term plans and ambitions of the organisation. With a remit like that it is crucial that board members have a passion and a depth of understanding about the Fringe and the very unique role of the Society in the broader Fringe community.

To stand for the Board an individual must be a member of the Society and then they need to find just two more members to propose and second them.

Members of the Society interested in putting themselves forward for election can find nomination forms in the Members’ Section of this website. These forms need to be completed and returned to the Returning Officer by 09 July.

More information about the elections can be found here.