The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society’s Environmental Policy is a statement of our commitment to help reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

We do this through effective, sustainable management of our operations and estate, and engaging with our staff to embed the principles of sustainable development into our daily working practices. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society’s Senior Management team acknowledges their responsibility in delivering this policy, engaging our staff, and working collaboratively with our partners and participants to support, advise and contribute to our environmental objectives.

The Scottish Government has as target of cutting CO2 emissions by 42% by 2020 and it encourages all public bodies to set their own targets to help achieve this national aim through mitigation, adaptation and acting sustainably.

Our actions will be underpinned by the following principles:

  • We will record and monitor our operational carbon footprint. Minimising use of materials, energy and other natural resources, diminishing the generation of waste whilst supporting a hierarchy of reduction by repairing, reusing and recycling materials where possible.
  • As a public body, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society is required to develop and implement an environmental policy, and to report this annually. We will continually seek out opportunities to improve our environmental performance in line with Scottish Government legislation. 
  • Our commitment is to promote communication and participation of our staff, suppliers, partners, participants and audience members.

This will be achieved using the following objectives:

  • Contribute towards the Scottish Government’s environmental targets to decarbonise its economy.
  • Use energy and natural resources efficiently to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce the need to travel by encouraging the use of electronic communications and virtual meetings.
  • Promote and support sustainable travel options.
  • Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and recover resources wherever possible to curtail waste.
  • Minimise waste using smarter procurement, ordering materials, products and services within a framework which encourages sustainability and promotes the circular economy, contributing to a Low Carbon Scotland.
  • Continuously improve processes, procedures and practices to increase our sustainability.
  • Embracing new ways of working and technology advances
  • Provide the necessary resources and training required for affective delivery of our environmental policy.
  • Document our environmental activities in order to assist with our compliance responsibilities and openly report our progress to employees, stakeholders and the public.
  • Review this policy in line with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society strategic objectives at end of each financial year, ensuring it remains suitable to the nature of our operations
  • Review this policy in line with our financial year at the start of December