The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has a Board of Directors which oversees Fringe Society staff in their year-round work, and makes sure everything is in place to support the people who produce and present the world’s biggest explosion of culture every August.

The Board of Directors is elected by members of the Fringe Society and its members are legally responsible for ensuring that the Society fulfils its charitable objectives. This includes setting the annual budget and ensuring high standards of governance are observed at all times.

Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea (chair)
John Colin Adams
Anthony Alderson (vice-chair)
Stephen Allison
Miroslava Bronnikova
Fiona Davis
Judith Doherty
Gillian Harkness
Katy Koren
Tari Lang
Luke Meredith
Toby Mitchell
Susan Morrison
Matt Panesh
Kate Smurthwaite
Tara Stapleton
Richard Wiseman