Fringe logos for participants

Terms of use

The Fringe logo is a registered trademark subject to copyright protection. It is made available for the promotion and marketing of shows and venues registered for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, for those performances taking place at the Fringe only.

Use of the Fringe logo is at the sole discretion of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society who will take the appropriate action to protect its unauthorised use.

How to use the Fringe logo


  • only use the logos provided in the download pack
  • position the logo in a clear space, with not too busy a background
  • use the width of the letter ‘r’ as a guide for the safe space around the logo, and its positioning from the edge of the artwork
  • make sure its legible by choosing a colour that doesn’t conflict with your artwork, and avoid low contrasting text
  • only use the logo for promotional and marketing materials for shows and venues for the year in which they’re registered in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme.


  • stretch or squeeze the logo
  • rotate or crop the logo
  • change the logo’s colour
  • add any extra text to the logo
  • use the logo for promotion of performances taking place out with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • use previous iterations of the Fringe logo, including the highlighter-style logo.

Logo dos and don'ts for artists

If you have any questions concerning usage of the logos, please contact [email protected].