If you’re thinking of putting on a show at the 2020 Fringe, we’ve got some good news for you: registration is now open. As long as you have your venue contract in place, you’re ready to register your show for the 2020 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Not sure if you’re ready to register?

Check with our handy infographic:

Not ready to register, but still interested in doing a show?

We’ve got your back. And don’t worry about registering immediately – you still have plenty of time.

In fact, the best thing to do right now is make sure you’re informed about the whole process. Here are five easy steps to help you get fully prepped for bringing a show to this year’s Fringe.

1. Catch up with the FringeCast

Our interactive livestreamed info sessions tackle every stage of bringing a show to the Fringe on a step-by-step basis. So far we’ve made five episodes in our 2020 Fringe series – you can catch up with them on YouTube or download them as a podcast. You can also tune into future FringeCasts and put your questions to our team in real time.

2. Follow @FringeCentral on Twitter

Fringe Central is our participants’ hub during August – a place where you can regroup and relax away from the festival, and get access to lots of professional development and networking events as part of your registration fee. Outside of August, you can find it on the @FringeCentral Twitter account, offering regular updates and advice for Fringe participants.

3. Sign up to our mailing list

The easiest way to stay on top of Fringe news is by subscribing to our mailing list. We’ll send you notifications whenever we’re releasing a new FringeCast or if there are important deadlines on the horizon.

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4. Join the Edinburgh Fringe Performers Forum on Facebook

At the Fringe Society we do everything we can to help you come to the Fringe, but sometimes the support and advice you need most comes from the people on the same journey as you. The Edinburgh Fringe Performers Forum is where you can share stories and ask advice from your fellow Fringe artists – go and give it a look.

5. Check out our Take Part guide

Our step-by-step guide covers all the essential info on bringing a show to the Fringe, and it’s completely free for you to access – have a read through and make sure you’re exactly where you need to be.

If you’ve done all of the above and you’re still feeling a bit lost, remember you can email [email protected] any time with specific queries and questions. We have a wealth of experience on our team, so whatever your worry is – no matter how big or small – drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do to help sort it out.

Thumbnail image: La Galerie (2019). Photographer: David Monteith-Hodge.