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The Arts Industry office is the arts professional’s one-stop shop for discovering and booking new work and talent and making connections at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Who uses our services?

Promoters Venues Agents
Presenters Festivals Scouts
Programmers Awards Organisations Cultural Agencies

What is the Arts Industry Office?

If you’re looking to programme your own festival or venue, connect with artists/ companies or want to network with your peers, then this service is for you. Our team is at hand to help you and the hundreds of other professionals who travel to Edinburgh every year to navigate this huge and thrilling festival and discover the most exciting work being created today.

In order to access the services and resources the office provides, arts industry professionals must accredit with the Arts Industry office.

Arts Industry Accreditation gives you:

  • Help navigating the Fringe programme and finding the work of the most relevance to your professional interests.
  • Access to a range of exclusive Arts Industry events focused on your professional development and networking needs.
  • Access to our team who will give you a warm welcome to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and can provide expert advice and assistance on everything listed below along with local knowledge of Edinburgh and the Fringe.
  • Access to exclusive online resources and information such as; company contact details, news and reviews from across the Fringe and information on award winners and nominees, other accreditees and Industry events.
  • Access to the dedicated Arts Industry box office where you can buy tickets (card payments only) and collect any previously purchased through the Fringe website, app or over the phone.
  • Access to Fringe Central and all the resources therein, including free wifi, computer terminals, café/bar, discounted meeting room space, and a huge programme of events ranging from workshops, discussions, seminars and networking opportunities.
  • Access to a range of discounts at local businesses around Edinburgh.
  • In addition, the information you provide us with in your application form will help us match you with Fringe artists and companies who use our Participant Development Service and vice versa.

The Arts Industry office also runs a complimentary ticketing service exclusively for the use of programmers and presenters*. The complimentary ticketing service is not designed to subsidise the cost of tickets altogether but rather to help accreditees see a greater quantity and range of work than their own budgets allow.

*Evidence of track record/ ability to buy work required

Arts Industry FAQs

What is the criteria for Arts Industry accreditation?

To be accredited with the Arts Industry office you will need to demonstrate that you are able to provide a professional development opportunity to Fringe artists, companies, etc.

Professional Development opportunities can include:

  • Bookings
  • Residency opportunities
  • Co-productions or collaborations
  • Commissions
  • Showcase or profile enhancing opportunities, not including reviews. (The Fringe Society’s Media office offers accreditation for reviewers, critics etc. More information here.)
  • Professional representation
  • Professional advice, support and development

How and when can I apply for accreditation?

Accreditation will open in May 2016. The application form will go live on this page at that time. To be notified when applications go live please email asking to be added to the mailing list.

The application form collects detailed information on you/ your company and the type of work you are interested in. Please note that the information you provide here is very important and will help us process your application quicker. If you fail to provide us with enough information your application may be declined.

If your application is accepted, this information will help us connect you with Fringe artists and companies using our Participant Development service (and vice versa) and will help us process ticket requests when applicable.

When is the deadline for submitting an application?

The 2016 deadline has yet to be set. In 2015 the accreditation deadline was 17:00 on Monday 20 July.

How many people from my organisation can accredit?

To ensure we are providing an efficient service for all our accreditees, we will accredit a maximum of 2 representatives per organisation. We require each individual to complete their own online form. This is because you need your own unique login to access all our services.

If you feel you need to accredit more than two individuals please contact us at

Why do I need to be accredited to use the service?

The accreditation application form collects information on who you are and what opportunities you can provide to Fringe participants. This information ensures that we help you make the most of your time with us.

This information is also used to help us connect you with Fringe artists and companies using our Participant Development service (and vice versa).

What does it mean to be accredited with the Arts Industry Office?

As an accredited Arts Industry professional you will have access to the range of services, resources and events that the Fringe Society runs as listed above.

It also means that your attendance at the Fringe will be visible to artists and companies who engage with the Participant Development service. Although you can choose not to share your contact details if you wish.

What does my accreditation / pass get me?

Your accreditation/ pass represents your Arts Industry status and permission to use the Arts Industry services and resources.

Your accreditation/ pass will get you discounts at local businesses such as shops, bars and restaurants and other services in Edinburgh – more details will be available when you pick up your pass on arrival. Your pass also gains you entry to Fringe Central, our participants’ centre, so that you can use the resources there and have access to all the networking events which take place.

Your accreditation/ pass does not get you:

  • Access to festival venues or VIP areas, unless they state otherwise.
  • Access to shows for free, on the door or otherwise.
  • Discounts on show tickets.

I was accredited last year, do I need to accredit again for 2016?

Yes. We require each individual attending the Festival to apply for accreditation on an annual basis so we keep up-to-date with your programming interests and you can tell us what dates you will be in Edinburgh.

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