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Edfringeware, the show registration system, is now open for new 2016 registrations and can be accessed using the link below.

Open edfringeware to register your show

The show registration guides contain detailed information on the show registration process.

Registration will remain open for listings online and in the Fringe App until the end of the 2016 Fringe but there are a few important registration deadlines listed below. If you have enquiries relating to registering your show, please contact, or visit our ticketing options page for further information.

2016 Show Registration Fees

We are delighted to announce that for the 9th year running registration fees are frozen for 2016 so remain the same as in previous years. The fees for registering shows for the printed programme, online and in the Fringe App for 2016 are:

Run type Registration fee
Full run
6 or more performances
  • Discount rate: £295.20 (£246.00 excl VAT)
  • Standard rate: £393.60 (£328.00 excl VAT)
The discount rate applies to full run registrations made before the discount deadline (17:00 GMT on 16 March 2016) or after the printed programme deadline.
Limited run
3 to 5 performances
£204.00 (£170.00 excl VAT)
Limited run
1 or 2 performances
£96.00 (£80.00 excl VAT)

Your registration fee gives you access to all of the services offered by the Fringe Society, which include:

  • Access to facilities and professional development events at Fringe Central, our participant centre, in August.
  • Bespoke advice about how to manage your media and marketing campaign from our Media Office.
  • Individual advice from our participant development service to identify what you hope to get out of the Fringe and help you make the right contacts, whether you are interested in touring your show or more personal career development.
  • Year round support on all aspects of your Fringe visit including choosing your venue, legal and licensing issues and information for international companies.
  • Your show listing and image online at and in the Fringe app for iPhone and Android.

2016 registration deadlines

The following dates are important deadlines in the Fringe show registration process:

Deadline Description
17:00 GMT on 16 March Discounted registration fee deadline - Shows must be fully registered by this deadline to take advantage of the discounted rate for full runs.
17:00 BST on 13 April Printed programme deadline - Shows must be fully registered by this deadline to appear in the printed programme.

Shows can still be registered after the printed programme deadline and will have a listing online at and on the Fringe App.

2016 early on sale dates

The first shows of 2016 will be available on our website on Thursday 28 January, and additional shows are added each month until programme launch on Wednesday 08 June. The full set of onsale dates are:

Early on sale date Approval deadline
(show proof approval by both company and venue)
28 January 19 January
18 February 9 February
17 March 8 March
21 April 5 April
12 May 26 April
26 May 10 May
8 June
(Full programme launch)
18 May

Your show must be approved by both the company and the venue by the deadline for a corresponding on sale date. In addition to the main registration deadlines listed above, please allow a minimum of 10 working days between registering your show with the Fringe Society and an approval deadline. This will allow us enough time to check your registration, produce a proof of your show listing for you to sign off and ask your venue for their approval.

Show Registration Guides 

There is a step-by-step guide to the registration process in our Fringe Guide to Registering a Show which you can use while completing the form or before your start to help you gather all the information you’ll need. There is also online help text available in edfringeware.

Note: the 2016 Guide to Registering a Show will be coming soon. In the meantime, the above links to the 2015 guide which should be used for reference only.

During the registration process, we may amend your show copy to bring it into line with our style guide as necessary. For further information about our style guide, please refer to the Fringe Programme Production Style Guide.

2015 Fringe Programme

If planning to register a show for the 2016 Fringe and are looking for ideas while formatting your show copy, you may find it useful to refer to the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme.

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