These awards are open to comedy shows - please see the details of each award for entry specifics and sub-genres.

The Amused Moose Comedy Award seeks out breakthrough comedy talent who are yet to become well known (so could be said to be 'almost DVD ready'), who have their own solo or group/sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

2017 winners

  • Winner -  The Kagools – The Kagools and Momentum Artist Management – Just the Tonic at The Caves
  • The People's Champion Award - ​Ian Smith: Snowflake – Bound & Gagged Comedy – Underbelly Med Quad
  • Outstanding Comedy Awards Rob Kemp: The Elvis Dead – Rob Kemp Heroes / PWYW – Heroes @ Monkey Barrel

The Barry Awards are a transparent set of New Comedy Awards to be presented every year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. They will be voted on by the Comedy Performers from that year's fringe, for Comedy Performers at that year’s fringe.

2017 winners

Dave’s Joke of the Fringe Award is open to both established and up-and-coming comedians and is now in its 10th year. Named Broadcast Digital Awards’ Entertainment Channel of the Year for 2016, Dave once again pays homage to the wealth of talent on offer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe whilst shining a spotlight on the individual jokes, not just the performances.

2017 winner

2017 shortlist

The Edinburgh Comedy Awards are much-loved live comedy awards, often dubbed as the unofficial "Oscars of Comedy". Every comedy performer is eligible and there is no shortlist; a panel of judges decides on the winning acts.

The panel bestow three different awards: ‘best comedy show’, given to the most outstanding up-and-coming, funny, original, comedy show or act; ‘best newcomer’ for the performer or act who is staging their first full-length show (50 minutes or more); and the ‘panel prize’, a new award that celebrates the show or act that has most captured the comedy spirit of the Fringe.

Founded in 1981, the awards enjoyed a 25-year relationship with sponsors Perrier (which previously lent them its infamous name). They are now known as the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, and are sponsored by For more information visit Comedy Awards website.

2017 Best Show winner

2017 Best Newcomer winner

2017 Best Show nominees

2017 Best Newcomer nominees

The annual Awards are in memory of Malcolm Hardee, one of the most anarchic figures of his era, a great influence on British comedy over the last 25 years and the Godfather to a generation of comic talent.

The Comic Originality Award is for performers who, in the opinion of the judges, have not yet been given the attention they deserve and who have potential for continual development. The winning act does not need to have the potential to become a major mainstream star. It is an award for people who deserve to succeed and who deserve to have their potential recognised and nurtured but who have not yet received their due recognition.

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2017 winners

  • The Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality - Terry Alderton
  • The Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award for best publicity stunt publicising a Fringe act or show - Mark Dean Quinn
  • The Malcolm Hardee ‘Act Most Likely to Make a Million Quid’ Award - Rob Kemp