The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has now closed submissions for the 2019 Allen Wright Award.

The Allen Wright Award was established over 20 years ago to encourage and reward quality writing in arts journalism. 

The award was created by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society in 1998 as a tribute to Allen Wright, the Arts Editor of The Scotsman for 30 years.

Allen Wright was a passionate supporter of the Fringe and a great encourager of young talent. The Fringe First Awards, which he founded, are to this day a major institution and point of highest prestige for recipients.

Similarly, the Allen Wright Awards – one of only two official awards handed out by the Fringe Society – honour his ideals and continue his contribution to the festival he loved.

2019 winners

Allen Wright Award – Features

  • Winner – Katie Hawthorne
  • Commendation – Tim Bano
  • Jenni Ajderian
  • Craig Angus
  • Tim Bano
  • Liam Rees

Allen Wright Award – Reviews shortlist

  • Winner – Deborah Chu
  • Alexander Wood
  • Katherine Gemmell
  • Becki Crossley
  • Amy Macrae

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has closed submissions for the 2019 Fringe Young Writers Award. The Fringe Young Writers Award is one of only two official awards handed out by the Fringe Society and was set up in 2018 to encourage the next generation of arts writers. The award was given to the writer of the best review of a 2019 Fringe show in the 16–21 age category. The winner was awarded with mentoring from arts writers at the Scotsman and paid work as part of the paper’s review team at the 2020 Fringe.

2019 winner

  • Ariane Branigan


  • Solal Bauer
  • Katrina Williams
  • Sasha Abrahams