These awards are open to the majority of genres and programme categories – please see the details of each award for entry specifics. You can find more awards which are open to most genres and categories as part of the Accessibility, diversity and inclusivity awards.

Applications have now closed for the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence in association with The Actors Theatre, inviting one production from Edinburgh Fringe 2023 to perform at Brighton Fringe 2024. The winner will receive a free registration to take part in Brighton Fringe 2024, £500 toward production costs and a favourable hire deal with The Actors.

Brighton Fringe is the largest fringe festival in England and takes place in May. No artistic judgement or selection criteria are imposed on participants, enabling the development of both new and established work to attract fresh audiences, press and promoters. Brighton Fringe will take place from 04 May – 03 June 2024.

Located below the theatre in in the iconic Marlborough Hotel building in Brighton, The Actors takes its inspiration from the theatre pubs that have, since the Victorian era, been a feature of the city’s rich relationship with the performing arts.

The Actors Theatre has a capacity of 60 and typically programmes comedy, theatre, cabaret and more. Located in an iconic and historic LGBTQ+ venue, The Actors Theatre had a programme that was very representative of the LGBTQ+ community for Brighton Fringe 2023.

2023 shortlist

  • Character Flaw, Greenside
  • Crap Ballet, theSpaceUK
  • Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story, Pleasance
  • Dugsi Days, Underbelly
  • Horizon Showcase: Birthmarked, Assembly
  • Jacob Storms’ Tennessee Rising: The Dawn of Tennessee Williams, Assembly
  • Oat Milk and Honey, Summerhall
  • Playing Latinx, Summerhall
  • Slash, Summerhall
  • Unforgettable Girl, Pleasance

2023 award winner

  • Winner
    Character Flaw
  • Runner Up
    Diana: The Untold and Untrue Stor
    y (Pleasance)
  • Special Commendation
    Horizon Showcase: Birthmarked (Assembly)

Recognising that sometimes not all five-star shows are equal, Broadway Baby's iconic Bobby statuette is awarded to the best of the best shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Broadway Baby covers more shows than any other publication in Edinburgh, and while – on average – only 4% of the performances it sees are considered worthy of five stars, that's still approaching 200 productions in any one year.

All shows awarded five stars by Broadway Baby are automatically considered for the Bobby Award; first by the judging team and then those shortlisted are seen by a senior member of the editorial team. There are no set number of Bobby Awards; however in previous years an average of just five trophies are handed out over the entire festival. The Bobby is recognition that you have created something truly special.

2023 award winners

  • Apple of My Eye (Paradise Green)
  • Poof! (Gilded Balloon)
  • N.Ormes (Assembly)
  • Colin Cloud: After Dark (Underbelly)
  • A Manchester Anthem (Pleasance)

On Saturday 30 September the 15th Annual DarkChat Awards took place honouring our favourite shows from this year's festival. Visit for more information.

  • Best Comedy
    Rob Auton – The Rob Auton Show  
  • Best Music
    Police Cops: The Musical
  • Special Award
    Volox Collective - The Man Who Thought He Thought Too Much 
  • Best Entertainment / Musical / Dance
    Police Cops: The Musical
  • Best Actor in a Play
    Tim Marriott – Appraisal  
  • Best Actress in a Play
    Angela Bull – Appraisal 
  • Best Performance in an Entertainment / Musical / Dance
    Mui Cheuk-Yin – Diary V11 
  • Best Play
    Never Trouble Trouble (Till Trouble Troubles You) 
  • Best Song / Music Performance  (joint winners)
    The US 80s – Police Cops: The Musical
    Me and Ricky – The Theory of Relativity 
  • Best Venue
    Tynecastle Hearts Stadium
  • Best Director
    Maya Shimmin – Burning Down the Horse
  • Best Comedy Performance
    Sean Wareing – Burning Down the Horse  
  • Best Supporting Performance
    Dara O’Briain – A Show for Gareth Richards 
  • Best Moment
    Mr Farmer – Never Trouble Trouble (Till Trouble Troubles You)  
  • Best One-Person Show
    Lost Soles 
  • Best Show
    Police Cops: The Musical 

The Mervyn Stutter Spirit of the Fringe Awards (aka the MERVs), along with Mervyn's regular Pick of the Fringe show, celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2023, making them one of the oldest Awards on the Fringe.

The Spirit of the Fringe Awards acknowledge and celebrate the talent, hard work, pluck and sheer doggedness demanded of performers from all genres on the Fringe to make a show a success.

Winners of a MERV are chosen from all the amazing shows that have been highlighted during the regular Pick of the Fringe showcases, so it is fair to say that the winners are the crème de la crème. Given this, it could justifiably be argued that this is the best show of the whole Pick of the Fringe run.

The Spirit of the Fringe Awards were created to recognise those who show commitment in the face of little support or funding or those who have consistently provided audiences with quality entertainment over the years. There is no application process as the Awards are issued at the judges' discretion.

The 2023 Mervyn Stutter's 'Spirit of the Fringe' Awards Show will be held on Saturday 26 August 2023. For more information go to

2023 award winners

  • Horizon Showcase: Birthmarked (Assembly)

  • Ian Stone Will Make it Better (Laughing Horse)

  • Death Suits You (Bedlam)

  • N.Ormes (Assembly)

  • Goodbye Uncle Fudgey (Gilded Balloon)

  • Al Porter: a Work in Progress (Just the Tonic)

  • A Migrant's Son (House of Oz)

  • Yes-Ya-Yebo! (Laughing Horse)

Our mission is to celebrate and foster global cultural exchange in the performing arts, transcending language barriers. The Seoul Arts Awards recognises and honours the exceptional talents in various fields, including physical theatre, arts circus, family shows and beyond.

The inaugural award rewards the most diverse and outstanding performers working in non-verbal performance genres, providing them with the opportunity to perform in Seoul, South Korea. The winners of the Seoul Arts Awards will receive a unique chance to showcase their talent in the Republic of Korea, a platform to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Award judges attended shows across genres presented at the Edinburgh Fringe, between 02 and 10 August 2023. The five shortlisted shows for the award were notified ahead of the Seoul Arts Award ceremony on Monday 14 August, where the winners were announced.

Join us in celebrating the power of performing arts in bridging cultures and promoting artistic excellence on an international stage. 

2023 winners

  • André and Dorine, Kulunka Teatro (Assembly)
  • IMA, Recirquel Cirque Danse (Assembly)
  • Schërzo, Släpstick (Pleasance)
  • Peepshow (Club Remix), Circa (Underbelly)
  • Dual Reality, The 7 Fingers (Underbelly)