2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Award Winners

Below is a list of the awards that have been awarded at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Please click on a link to view the winning performers and shows, or visit the Awards page in the Participants section for full details of the award.

This page will be updated throughout August, so be sure to check back often for information about the latest 2013 winners as they are announced.

Allen Wright Award (award details)

  • For Reviews:
    • Winner:
      • Evan Beswick
    • Runner Up:
      • Daniel Hutton
  • For News & Features:
    • Winner:
      • Lyle Brennan
    • Runner Up:
      • Ben Judge

Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award (award details)

Amused Moose Laughter Awards 2013 (award details)

  • Amused Moose Laughter Award
    • Al Lubel
  • Amused Moose People's Champion
    • Danny Ward
  • Amused Moose Laugh-Off
    • Pierre Novellie

The Arches Brick Award (award details)

The Asian Young Art Awards (award details)

  • Winner:
    • Swan Lake - Young China Shines - Festival Theatre Edinburgh

The Bobby Award (award details)

Brighton Fringe Emerging Talent Award (award details)

Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award (award details)

  • The Events - Actors Touring Company, Young Vic Theatre, Brageteatret and Schauspielhaus Wein - Traverse Theatre

The Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts Award (award details)

The Chortle Student Awards (award details)

  • Rio Bauer

Dave's Funniest Joke of the Fringe (award details)

  • Winner: Rob Auton

  • Top 10:
    1. Rob Auton - “I heard a rumour that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar. Could be a Chinese Wispa.”
    2. Alex Horne - “I used to work in a shoe-recycling shop. It was sole-destroying.”
    3. Alfie Moore - “I’m in a same-sex marriage… the sex is always the same.”
    4. Tim Vine - “My friend told me he was going to a fancy dress party as an Italian island. I said to him ‘Don’t be Sicily.’”
    5. Gary Delaney - “I can give you the cause of anaphylactic shock in a nutshell.”
    6. Phil Wang - “The Pope is a lot like Doctor Who. He never dies, just keeps being replaced by white men.”
    7. Marcus Brigstocke - “You know you are fat when you hug a child and it gets lost.”
    8. Liam Williams - “The universe implodes. No matter.”
    9. Bobby Mair - “I was adopted at birth and have never met my mum. That makes it very difficult to enjoy any lapdance.”
    10. Chris Coltrane - “The good thing about lending someone your time machine is that you basically get it back immediately.”

The Dupliquick Printing Zebra Award (award details)

The Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards (award details)

Fringe Review Outstanding Theatre Awards (award details)

The Herald Angel Awards (award details)

  • Week 3:
    • Little Devil
      • Hag - The Wrong Crowd - Underbelly, Cowgate
    • Herald Angel
      • Brand New Ancients - Kate Tempest and Battersea Arts Centre co-production - Traverse Theatre
      • Smashed - Gandini Juggling - Assembly Hall
      • Rant - Rant - Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride's
      • Christine Tobine - British Vocal Jazz Festival - A thousand kisses deep - Le Monde
      • Christophe Roussett Harpsichord – Les Talens Lyriques - EIF

Holden Street Theatres Awards (award details)

  • Bitch Boxer - Snuff Box Theatre, Richard Jordan Productions in association with Pleasance - Pleasance Courtyard

Impatto Totale Award (award details)

  • Trash Cuisine - Belarus Free Theatre / Young Vic supported by LIFT and Pleasance - Pleasance Courtyard

Jack Tinker Spirit of the Fringe Award (award details)

The Malcolm Hardee Award (award details)

The Mervyn Stutter Spirit of the Fringe Awards (award details)

The Musical Theatre Network Awards 2013 (award details)

National Student Drama Festival Award, in association with IdeasTap and Pleasance (award details)

Primary Times Children's Choice Award (award details)

The Scottish Arts Club / Edinburgh Guide Award for Best Scottish Play (award details)

  • Winner:
    • Hela - Adura Onashile in association with Iron-Oxide - Summerhall
  • First Runner-up:
  • Second Runner-up:
    • Titus - Macrobert - Summerhall

The Scotsman Fringe First Awards (award details)

  • Week 1:
    • Feral - Tortoise in a Nutshell in co-production with Cumbernauld Theatre - Summerhall
    • Grounded - Gate Theatre, London - Traverse Theatre
    • Ciara - Traverse Theatre & Datum Point - Traverse Theatre
    • Quietly - Abbey Theatre - Traverse Theatre
    • Nirbhaya - Assembly, Riverside Studios and Poorna Jagannathan - Assembly Hall
    • Donal O'Kelly's Brace - Fionnuala and Skeffy - Donal O'Kelly - Hill Street Theatre
    • Kiss me Honey Honey - Gilded Balloon - Gilded Balloon Teviot
    • The Events - Actors Touring Company, Young Vic Theatre, Brageteatret and Schauspielhaus Wein - Traverse Theatre

So You Think You're Funny? (award details)

  • Winners:
    • Demi Lardner
    • Edward Hedges
  • Runner Up:
    • Laura Mclenaghan
  • Finalists:
    • Nicky Wilkinson
    • Tom Taylor
    • Laura Mclenaghan
    • Alasdair Beckett King
    • Russ Peers
    • Jenny Collier
    • Edward Hedges
    • Andrew McBurney
    • Demi Lardner

The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence (award details)

Three Weeks Editors’ Awards (award details)

Time Out & Soho Theatre Cabaret Awards (TO&ST) (award details)

Total Theatre Awards (award details)

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