The search for a place to stay can be a big consideration when bringing a show to the Fringe. As part of our support services for participants the Fringe Society offers several resources to help.

Be safe! Instances of fraud, while given the scale of the Fringe, are thankfully quite low. Follow these top tips to ensure any financial transactions you undertake follow due process. 

  1. Never transfer money from your bank account to a stranger's bank account. These transactions are untraceable and you have no recourse to recovering any funds which may have been obtained fraudulently.
  2. Always use a credit card or PayPal to make deposits on any accommodation.
  3. Do research. Ensure you can find online evidence which corroborates what any company, agent or individual is purporting. Are there any third-party, independent reviews online which support a positive reputation?
  4. Visit Action Fraud for information on how to protect yourself and call the hotline if you think you are engaging with a fraudster.
  5. Use your instinct: If it smells bad, it's usually bad. Don't fall prey to bullying tactics. Don't rush to commit to a situation because you've been told others are keen and you might lose out. Be aware of bad or odd behaviour - a genuine company, agent or individual will not use any of these tactics to secure an agreement.

Our Accommodation Register provides details of private properties capped at £150 per person per week and our Services Directory has over 50 different accommodation options for all budgets. This includes details of local letting agents, student accommodation facilities and alternative accommodation.

Accommodation Services Directory

The 2018 Accommodation Register is no longer available. Details of the 2019 Accommodation Register will be listed here ahead of the 2019 Fringe.