As part of our support services to the performers and participants of the Fringe, we compile an Accommodation Register to assist with your search for accommodation.

Our main aim is to promote properties being offered to rent at reasonable prices as Fringe companies incur great costs in coming to perform in Edinburgh.

The 2018 Accommodation Register is no longer available. Details of the 2019 Accommodation Register will be listed here ahead of the 2019 Fringe.

In 2016, more than 27,000 performers and company members were involved in the Edinburgh Fringe. From big names in the world of entertainment to unknown artists looking to build their careers, the festival caters for everyone and includes theatre, comedy, dance, physical theatre, musicals, operas, music, exhibitions and events. Many participants are new to Edinburgh and require accommodation.

If you are a private landlord with a spare room to let to a participant, you can register your property with us using our online application form to have it listed in our accommodation register.

This service is completely free. All we ask is that prices are kept at an affordable rate. Specifically:

Listed properties must have a rent less than or equal to £150 per person per week. The rental deposit cannot be greater than 50% of the total agreed rental cost. 

The Rent Category used below is defined as:

  • Economy (£) - Up to £70 per person per week
  • Average (££) - £70 - 110 per person per week
  • Expensive (£££) - £111 - 150 per person per week

Apply to list your property for 2019

If you are an agency or commercial landlord and wish to list your business in our Services Directory, please contact

Please note that we do not act as a letting agent and do not vet the listed properties. All transactions need to be made directly between the participant and landlord and the Fringe Society does not hold any liability for these arrangements. However, if you think that a property we’ve listed doesn’t meet our stated criteria, please contact us to let us know at


  • The rent for all rooms and properties listed on our accommodation register is kept at an affordable rate of no more than £150 per person per week.
  • We stipulate that landlords can ask for a deposit of no more than 50% of the total rent you pay.

To ensure the register remains useful for participants, adherence to the rent and deposit limits described above is very important to us. If you find that these rules are not being kept for a given listing, please let us know at, as we will remove listings that don’t match our criteria.

Finding the right place

  • Our listings now include map links so you can look for properties located in the part of Edinburgh you want to be in.
  • It’s often a good idea to ask landlords for photos of the property before entering into an agreement with them.
  • Edinburgh has great public transport and is generally very well connected. If you’re looking at a property further away from your venue you might want to check out where the nearest bus stop or train station is.
  • We will only include accommodation where participants are comfortably housed - i.e. a separate living area is provided, a single bed sleeps one, a double bed sleeps two.
The 2018 Accommodation Register is no longer available. Details of the 2019 Accommodation Register will be listed here ahead of the 2019 Fringe.